Top Tips to Gain a Large Social Media Following

Every single business is now focusing all of their marketing efforts online, especially during the pandemic, and with giants like Facebook and Twitter, you have the perfect way to get your message out there. Here are a few tips to help you establish a local following and develop your business accordingly.

  • Google Optimisation – Whether a person is looking for a funeral director in Sydney or an emergency roofer in Perth, they are likely to use Google’s search engine, which can list local companies that have what they are looking for. Talk to an SEO agency who has the knowledge and experience to put your website on page one of Google search results.
  • Post Quality Content – You need to have quality video, images and text to post to all your social media pages and hiring an SEO agency is the best way forward. They have an in-house Facebook marketing team who can create a large following over a period of months, which would include engaging and informative articles on every aspect of your industry. Create short videos to introduce a new product line or to introduce your team to your followers, which helps people to personalise.
  • Engage the User – It isn’t only about posting quality content, you need to reply to user comments and initiate a positive discussion that is industry related. Of course, this means you need at least one employee to monitor your social media pages, while if you outsource this, everything will be taken care of by the social marketing team. If you sell seasonal products, prepare special discounts and give-aways and advertise these on your social media pages, while the SEO agency uses many strategies to engage the user and they are very good at what they do. Click here for further reading on how to generate a large social media following.
  • Boost Facebook Posts – When you write a post and put it on your wall, all your Facebook friends will automatically see your post, buy did you know that you can pay Facebook to send the post to thousands of users? Once you move into Facebook marketing, you will see there are many variables you can use to focus on users that are more likely to be interested in your products or services. You can specify age, gender, location and language, while hiring an SEO agency is the best way to ensure success with any social media advertising.
  • Offer Incentives – People need a reason to follow you; it might be an interesting blog they read on your page, or a free e-book you offered, so look for content that gives something to your followers. Create a blog page and hire web content writers to create engaging content, which you post under your own name and don’t forget to make good use of video and images, as these are very powerful marketing tools. Click here for Australian government information on digital marketing.

The undeniable power of social media means that you should enlist the help of a leading SEO company who can unleash their social media marketing team and generate huge numbers of followers, which is the key to establishing yourself in a very competitive sector.