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  1. Jonathan Long

    New Features 🔥

    Today blerrp® has rolled out a number of significant features. The major features include: Native push notifications on supported devices/browsers Editor button management Enhanced editor integration and advanced BB code option syntax Markdown support Tables Reactions URL unfurling Emoji...
  2. Jonathan Long

    Greetings from CuriPow

    Glad to have you here Brian.
  3. Jonathan Long

    Recent grad learning & searching for ideas

    Thanks for joining. Glad to have you here Khanh.
  4. Jonathan Long

    Greetings From Doc Wellness

    Glad to have you here David. Thanks for signing up.
  5. Jonathan Long

    Greetings from Document Doctors

    Glad to have you here Doug.
  6. Jonathan Long

    Please Read

    Any important news and announcements related to the community will be posted in this section.
  7. Jonathan Long

    Dual Interests -- Content Marketing & Fiction Writing

    Thanks for joining and also for contributing on the blog.
  8. Jonathan Long

    Sales, Startup Fanatic Turned Recruiting Firm Owner

    Amy, thanks for joining!
  9. Jonathan Long

    Social enterprise idea

    Can you provide a bit more info on how that process works? Not familiar with it, but if you give a bit more information I bet some people can chime in.
  10. Jonathan Long

    Facebook Reach

    Probably not what you want to hear, but Facebook is pay-to-play. Organic reach is dead. I have pages with hundreds of thousands of followers that get zero views, even though all of the followers are real and active users. Even paid reach is nothing like it used to be. Prices are going up and...
  11. Jonathan Long

    Stephen Obar Intro

    Awesome, I appreciate that. The next week or so will just be fixing glitches, etc. After that the marketing will begin. My goal is to create the largest online community. I absolutely hate all the bullshit out there. The $997 courses. The magic webinars. There is much more value in just...
  12. Jonathan Long

    Hello from Yorkshire, UK.

    Glad to have you here Damian. Feel free to invite other entrepreneurs to join.
  13. Jonathan Long

    Emmy Award Winning Journalist/Founder of news site

    Welcome. Thanks for joining.
  14. Jonathan Long


    Thanks for joining Shannan!
  15. Jonathan Long


    Thanks for signing up. 🙌🏻
  16. Jonathan Long

    Florida Entrepreneur

    Thanks for joining 👍🏻
  17. Jonathan Long

    Managing a 250k influencer marketing campaign budget + bonus

    Thanks for signing up for this beta and good luck with the new venture.
  18. Jonathan Long

    Hi! 😍

    Welcome. Enjoy the community!
  19. Jonathan Long

    Hey, there!

    Glad to have you here! 👍🏻
  20. Jonathan Long


    Thanks for signing up during the beta. Hope you enjoy it.