Why I decided to Create an Online Community for Entrepreneurs

This community started as a side project, essentially as a proof of concept for developing an online community. I truly believe that online communities are the future, as evident by the popularity of Facebook groups. But, I am not sold on investing time, resources and money into growing a Facebook group.


Well, because it isn’t yours. Why not create your own, and host it on your own platform that you control 100 percent? It’s a move that I believe many communities will also follow, especially with all of the data and privacy concerns involving Facebook.

It’s completely free to join blerrp and participate in the discussion. While there is an upgrade option available, I didn’t put the time and money into this for monetary gain. Sure, if it ends up generating revenue it’s a bonus, but the main reason for this community is to help entrepreneurs and provide a platform for questions to be asked and answered.

Here are some of the reasons why I started this.

I am sick of the guru bullshit out there.

A quick scroll down your Facebook newsfeed will provide you with countless courses, trainings and webinars that all promise the world, for the low price of $97, $197, $297 or some other $X97 variation. Sadly, most of the people offering this voodoo magic bullshit have never ran a successful business, other than the business that teaches you how to start a business. Amazing, right?

Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs is priceless.

You are only as strong as your network, so I wanted to create a place where there is no barrier of entry. Anyone can join, whether you’re the founder of a tech startup that exited for hundreds of millions of dollar, a small business owner in a small rural town or someone brand new to entrepreneurship that is considering taking the leap.

I want to create a resource that will grow to benefit entrepreneurs down the road.

The great thing about a forum is that is welcomes a wide variety of questions and replies. This content is then indexed in the search engines, creating a resource that will hopefully help many people now as well as in the future.

Final thoughts.

First, if you have taken the time to read this post, thank you. Second, if you joined he community, please take a moment to read the welcome message on the forum and the welcome email that is sent to you. I would really appreciate if you shared blerrp with your social media contents, email lists, groups, etc. The more people that join, the more of an impact this community can make.

Thank you to everyone that becomes a part of this. Together we can all do amazing things!

Jonathan Long


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Jonathan Long is the Founder Uber Brands, a brand development agency located in Miami, focused on building e-commerce brands in the health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty industries.

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