Why Does Weed Get You High?

Everyone must have tried cannabis or weed at some point in time in their lives. For many, it is the journey through the teenage years that often leave them feeling curious about the substance and how it affects you. Some people enjoy being high and feel great when they experience it after consuming weed.

Human beings have been known to use cannabis for many years due to its psychoactive properties. But have you wondered how this unique product changes the feelings or the ways in which we perceive things?

Although this article on russet mites is a worthy read we’re here to tell you how cannabis takes us on a high while helping you understand the unique chemistry of this plant.


Cannabis High-Chemistry


To understand how cannabis works for us, it is essential to understand the chemistry of cannabis buds. The cannabis flowers contain small buds known as trichomes that are best known for producing resin-like substance. The most significant psychoactive cannabinoid is THC, which plays a significant role in making you high. 


First, let us understand how THC reacts to the body. The body’s reaction to THC is referred to as pharmacokinetics. The following is the process followed which includes 

  • Absorption
  • Distribution
  • Metabolism
  • Elimination 


In the first step, known as absorption, THC reaches the bloodstream within minutes after smoking at concentration levels of 10 to 30%.

Distribution is the second stage. Due to the fatty composition of THC, it reaches the brain and all other significant organs. 

In the next stage, commonly known as metabolism, the interactions of medicine start to take place. The metabolism of THC takes place in the liver, thus helping in the metabolism of many medicines. 

With elimination, it helps us understand how long THC stays in the blood, ranging from 6 minutes to even 22 hours. 


Effects of cannabis in different people


The effect of cannabis is not the same on every person. While some people are sensitive to cannabis, for some others, it can be very typical. The reaction to this weed depends on the following factors: 

  • The dose and the strain that you consume 
  • Whether you vape or smoke it
  • How regularly are you using drugs?
  • Your age and gender

While you are high on cannabis, you might feel relaxed, creative, happy, and satisfied. Sometimes, cannabis can give you some bad feelings, such as confusion, nausea, anxiety, panic, and delusions. You might also experience adverse effects if you don’t have much experience. You may expect enhanced reactions while you are on potent cannabis. 

While you are high, the primary ingredient in cannabis is THC, which reaches your bloodstream through the lungs. As soon as it enters the lungs, the concentration peaks within a few minutes. However, THC breaks down, and it is removed in our stools or urine. 

In the end, it can be said that habits like vaping cannabis can help you reach highs. Cannabis includes several feelings, like contentment and relaxation; however, adverse reactions can also occur.