Why Do You Need To Get A Holistic Nurse Certification

Are you wondering whether or not you need a holistic nurse certification? If you are a registered nurse, there is so much more that you can offer your patients than simple healing to the physical body or mind. Here is what you need to know about getting a holistic nurse certification and why you need to apply for one today.

What Is Holistic Nursing?

Unlike conventional nursing that focuses on healing the physical body and mind, holistic nursing focuses on healing the entire body. The practice simply involves uniting the body, mind, spirit, environment and emotion to heal the entire body. Nurses rely on their knowledge and therapeutic skills to take care of their patients. The combination provides care to every patient and improves their overall positivity to improve healing.

What Are The Basics Of Holistic Nursing Care?

Medical practices play a huge role in healing people. However, with the unity of a person’s health, their environment and physical attributes, it’s easy to achieve wholesome healing. Holistic nurse certification allows healthcare professionals to incorporate every aspect of a patient’s attributes to their healing process. Here are some of the basic principles used in holistic nursing care. 

Showing Care – Patients love knowing that their patients care for them on a deeply psychological level. Through holistic nurse certification, nurses know that their patients will respond properly to treatments if their environment is positive.

Preserving Dignity Of Patients – Most patients suffer from chronic illnesses that take over too much of their lives such that they are entirely dependent on their nurses. It may be tough for them to handle the smallest chores when nurses handle everything for them. Well, nurses with a holistic nurse certification show their compassion and help their patients preserve their dignity when taking care of them.

Reducing Anxiety – Holistic nurses are responsible for taking care of every aspect of their patient’s well being. Since most conventional nurses only take care of the physical aspects, holistic nurses are responsible for everything else including stress management and anxiety.

Roles And Responsibilities After Getting Holistic Nurse Certification 

A holistic nurse is responsible for offering holistic care to patients. You may offer the same services as a traditional registered nurse but the methods will differ when it comes to delivery. Your roles and responsibilities include the following. 

Being Compassionate – As a holistic nurse, you are supposed to be attentive, compassionate and present for all your patients. You need to listen attentively and listen to what your patients’ needs are before taking care of them.

Comprehensive Medical Treatments – As a holistic nurse, your job involves acknowledging the body, mind and spirit as a whole. You are supposed to treat the whole body instead of one symptom.

Curiosity – As a holistic nurse, you need to understand that various factors affect overall health. These include environmental influences, dietary choices and much more. As such, you need to be more curious about your patients and what type of care they need so you can offer it without fail.

Why Is Holistic Nursing Important?

A few people are yet to adopt holistic nursing. However, it is important for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get a holistic nursing certification.

  • Holistic nursing improves the quality of care for everyone. After getting your certification, your main job is improving the quality of life for everyone by providing wholesome care. 
  • Recent studies have shown that ordinary care exposes patients to a lot of threats and may lead to unnecessary hospitalization. Additionally, with the cost of healthcare increasing dramatically, you may end up paying for much more than you had prepared for. Well, holistic nursing aims to reduce your hospital stays and improve your quality of life without further expenses. 
  • Holistic nursing improves the dignity of life, especially for elderly patients who are receiving hospice care. Note that, a lot of patients may end up losing their life at the hands of nurses who are not compassionate about their conditions. Therefore, with holistic nursing, you can make sure that every patient feels dignified even on their last days. 

Why Does The Nurse Coach Collective Prioritize Holistic Nursing?

At the Nursing Coach Collective, we have prioritized holistic nursing for all our patients. We do this by destigmatizing mental health care to ensure that our patients feel better even in their current conditions. We always honor the body’s natural healing patterns and trigger them rather than using conventional methods of healing.

We are a team of holistic nurses who are dedicated to healing every part of your body. We work on everything from your physical, mental and spiritual process to make sure that you feel whole. We are dedicated to improving the quality of your life by being dignified, professional and compassionate in our process.