What to Do if you Are Injured Due to a Road Accident

The roads in Australia can be dangerous places, you only have to look at the motor accident statistics to realise this, and if a person does suffer an injury as a result of a road traffic accident, they are able to claim compensation. Sadly, some people are unaware of this, or are reluctant to sue the driver whom they know well, and that means that many personal injury claims are not made, and the injured person deals with the aftermath as best as they can.

Claiming Against the Driver at Fault

Of course, whenever there is a road traffic accident and injuries are sustained, there is a police investigation into the cause of the accident, and if it can be proven that a driver was negligent, this allows the injured party to claim for compensation from the driver at fault. The driver in question would be insured, and it is the insurance company that would have to settle a compensation claim, not the driver, and why shouldn’t you claim for an injury that has affected the quality of your life?

Online Solutions

When calculating motor vehicle accident compensation, the online legal expert has a simple process by which you can calculate how much money you could claim, then you can set the ball rolling by making contact with the law firm. Most compensation cases are settled out of court, as the insurance company realises they cannot win the case, rather they would prefer to keep legal costs to a minimum and settle the claim out of court.

Collecting Evidence

The law firm would want to see anything that might be used as evidence, including all of the following:

  • Images of the scene of the accident
  • Images of the injured party
  • Doctor’s reports
  • X-Ray scans
  • Police reports
  • Witness reports

They would also request receipts for any expenses that you might have had to incur as a result of the injury, including transportation, medical costs or any expense that was incurred as a result of the injury.

Settling Out of Court

As most compensation cases are settled over a meeting room table, it is essential that you are represented by a lawyer who knows his stuff, and can therefore ensure that you receive what you are due. When insurers settle out of court, they use their best negotiators who are skilled at convincing people to settle a claim, and if your legal team are experienced, they know what is a fair settlement for the injuries sustained and will ensure their client has a favourable outcome.

No Win – No Fee

If you are worried you might rack up a huge legal bill and lose the case, most law firms that work in accident compensation abide by the No win-No fee system. When you contact the lawyer, he or she will assess your case, and if they feel you have a strong case, they will represent you on a no win-no fee basis.

Even if your injuries were caused in the past, you can still make a compensation claim, so do search online for a law firm that specialises in pursuing accident compensation claims, and you could end up with a fair settlement that more than compensates you.