What is the Cloud and How Can it Help My Business?

It would be a mistake to assume that every businessperson has a full understanding of the cloud and its capabilities, while some tech entrepreneurs make full use of the cloud, many small business owners are simply not aware of cloud solutions. If you are a little unsure what the cloud actually is, here is a basic overview, listing some of its applications.

The Cloud

Cloud-based systems are hosted by a remote server, and with cyber-security measures in place, authorised users can access, update and download files from any location, using any digital device. The Internet-based network would be set up by administrators, who can set hierarchy permissions and monitor the network, to ensure smooth operation. Rather than having all of your valuable data on your office computer hard drive, it is stored on a cloud system and can readily be accessed at any time and any location.

Popular Applications

A national sales team would require access to customer records when out in the field and if they have a cloud-based network, all sales staff can access required data whenever they need to. A sales team can create their own folders where they store essential information they need when in the field, plus the cloud can be used as a platform for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which allows the sales team to communicate with real-time video calls. You could transform your business communication, both internal and external using VoIP, and if you would like to know more about the potential of cloud-based applications, search online for a provider.

Call Centres

You could, for example, use a service such as https://ccna.com.au/services/cc-callback from a leading cloud provider, which streamlines processes and ensures customer are not waiting for long periods when asking for phone support. Most call centres are managed remotely, yet the caller would never know that the person they are talking to is thousands of miles away in a call centre, and all of this is possible thanks to the cloud.


If all of your accounting and bookkeeping files are stored on the cloud, your accountant can access this, which helps them to prepare your accounts, and accounting staff can edit and update all data, regardless of where they happen to be. If your accountant spends less time on your accounts, this will save you money and with the correct permissions set, only authorised users can access the data. If you would like some tips on how to improve your customer service, here is an informative blog to read.

Customer Support

Moving your customer support onto the cloud will not only save you money, it will streamline the support process, and with a leading cloud service provider, you can offer 5-star support using state-of-the-art software. Click here for some government information on cyber-security. Trying to handle a busy support line can really drain your resources, yet with cloud solutions, callers get through, thanks to an efficient queuing system, which improves customer service.

If you would like to explore the potential of cloud-based systems, search online for a leading specialist and they would be happy to show you the various ways you can use the cloud.