What Happens To My Small Business If I Get A DUI?

Getting hit with a DUI carries with it serious personal consequences. If you are a small business owner, those consequences can be tougher. A small business owner could have problems getting to work and delivering goods to customers. While some insurance rates will go up, many insurance premiums related to business will not go up such as commercial property insurance, general liability, and product liability. This article will go over five negative consequences a small business owner will face if they get convicted for drunk driving.  It will also offer some advice on how to move on in a positive direction from a DUI conviction.

  1. Your driving rights will likely be suspended.   Anyone convicted of a DUI will have their license suspended for at least a month. This means a convicted drunk driver will not be able to legally drive to work or personally deliver items to customers.  A small business owner will also not be able to drive to visit offices and visit clients. There are many problems you’ll face if you get a DUI and lose your CDL
  1. You will have to fulfill certain tough requirements.  Requirements a court orders a convicted drunk driver to complete are called terms of probation. A person convicted of a DUI must follow all lawful restrictions and suspensions of their driver’s license as a term of probation. A DUI Conviction will require a person to attend classes regarding alcohol addiction. A small business owner will be required to submit to random alcohol testing.  An individual convicted of operating while intoxicated must report to a probation officer on a bi-weekly basis. Counseling sessions will be required. An example of counseling that a convicted drunk driver will be compelled to attend is an Alcoholics Anonymous session.
  1.   Failure to pass a background check.  Once a small business owner has been convicted of drunk driving, they will end up failing a background check.  This can make business tough for a person who owns a small company because they may not be able to rent office space, travel internationally, and be denied a license required to run their business.
  2.   Your car insurance rates will go up. A person who has been convicted of a DUI will see their car insurance go up. A small business owner who needs to drive for work will see additional increases in car insurance. Insurance companies determine their rates based on risk assessment. When it comes to auto insurance, there are not many other factors that create a higher risk than driving a vehicle on the road under the influence of alcohol. Even one conviction, many years ago, will negatively impact a small business owner’s insurance.
  3.   The social stigma associated with a DUI conviction.  Another problem small business owners face from a DUI conviction is a ruined reputation. The social stigmas of drunk drivers are harsh. Once news gets around that a small business owner has been convicted or drunk driving, clients may decide they do not want to do business with someone who has been part of illegal activity. The owner may have bad reviews posted on their google my business page that will cause fewer people to do business the convicted owner.

Tips On How A Small Business Owner Should Respond To A DUI Conviction

Once you have been convicted of drunk driving, the best thing you can do is own up to your mistake and use it as a positive learning experience. One way you can do this is by donating money to support a local charity. Another positive way to respond is by talking about the dangers of drunk driving at a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or a local school.

As this article shows, small business owners face several additional challenges from a DUI conviction. However, it doesn’t mean your business is going to fail. Stay positive, work hard to make your conviction a positive experience and let your negative experience guide others into making better choices. Good luck with your business!