Virtual Victory – 5 Ways A Virtual Office Will Allow You To Be More Productive

Virtual offices are the ideal option for businesses who don’t require a brick and mortar location to run their operations. Through the use of modern technology, namely the internet, telephone and video conferencing facilities, laptops and emailing the necessary documents, teams can work remotely form a variety of locations without all having to be together in a physical office space. 


A virtual office provider simply offers the physical address and the communications package necessary to make it all possible. Essentially, premium providers offer everything but the office for those who can work remotely and savvy online entrepreneurs are benefitting from the cost-saving aspects that virtual offices in Manhattan, for example, a very expensive place to lease commercial space, can offer.


Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways that a virtual office can help you to be more productive.


Goal-Oriented Over Time Focused


When working in a traditional office space, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of being seen to put in the time at the office, or indeed thinking your team is being highly productive by simply spending more time at work. When you and your team work remotely through a virtual office, there is more focus on tasks being completed to a deadline and delivered on time. By working in this more goal-oriented way, you can easily see how productivity will be boosted. 


Save Time With No Commute


By utilising a virtual office, you will not have to spend any of your precious time commuting to and from a designated office space every day. Whether you walk or bike to and from work, take the subway or more frustratingly, sit in rush hour traffic, it is lost time that could be better spent. By being able to simply whip out your laptop at the kitchen table or even quickly answer an email on your smartphone while lying in bed, you and your team will gain back this commute time and it can instead be spent getting work done, thus making you more productive.


Delegate Tasks To Support Staff


Premium virtual office providers come with access to a team of highly trained support staff. A dedicated receptionist can field all of your business calls meaning you don’t have to miss out on an important lead or potential client because you were busy. They also offer in-house IT support so you don’t have to spend any time being bogged down with technical issues. This leaves you free to better concentrate and focus all of your energies on getting your work done.


No Distracting Colleagues


We all have those days in the office where just about anything is going to distract you. In a traditional office scenario, you can be more easily distracted by colleagues who want to have a chat at the water cooler. When you work through a virtual office, you don’t have anyone to distract you but yourself.


Better Work/Life Balance


When you have more freedom and flexibility with your work hours and are not held to a time focused clocking in and out scenario, you are more likely to get the assigned tasks done more quickly so you can enjoy your free time without work hanging over you.


Virtual Office Success


With a virtual office scenario, productivity can be boosted in a variety of ways. With a focus on completing tasks and goals quickly rather than putting in the hours, not having to waste time stuck in traffic getting to the office each day and the option of delegating administrative tasks to a support team, your productivity will be boosted greatly.

Founder of Nanohydr8.