Top Low-Key Motorcycles For Your Daily Grind

The humble motorcycle is an affordable and inconspicuous way to get around. Get the right kind, and even the types who are hyper-focused on safety, like McLachlan Law, personal injury attorneys in Redondo Beach will have to concede that they’re a pretty safe and convenient way to traverse those city roads as well. If you’re looking to take advantage of everything that a motorcycle has to offer your daily commute for a price that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, you’ll want to take a look at the following models.

The Honda Rebel 500 ABS

You’re looking for mid-level power on a modest budget. You want a bike that’s going to offer looks, dependability, and fit everything it has to offer into a smaller package that you can maneuver quickly about your urban environment. What you’re looking for, in that case, is the Honda Rebel 500 ABS. It’s one of Honda’s entry level commuter bikes that’s more than manageable for beginner riders, but still has plenty to offer veterans looking for a good “take around town” ride.

Kawasaki KLR650

Kawasaki has long made a name for themselves with rugged, action-oriented bikes that embrace simplicity and exude pure functionality. That tradition continues with the KLR650, a no-nonsense adventure bike that cuts through the fluff. This rugged model is just what you’ll need to strap on your daily load, hit the road, and get to where you need to be in a speedy fashion (while avoiding most of that inconvenient traffic).

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS

Kawasaki also has a reputation for amazing sport bikes, and when it comes to classics few have the name-recognition of models like the Ninja. It’s stood the test of time for a reason, and now, for 2020, it’s got a brand new look that doubles down on its sporty history. It’s also got a fair bit of new tech built in, like a Bluetooth display, to go along with the expected speediness and agile handling these bikes are known for.

Moto Guzzi V7 III Special

This Italian manufacturer is still making bikes that look like they came off the set of a 60s biker-film, but with a price tag that you can still justify for your daily commute. The V7 III Special is one that you should definitely be keeping your eye one, because even after more than fifty years in production, this model still has some tricks up its sleeve. A few of those are on account of a recent update, but all that new tech is just blending the best of old and new into a perfect package.