Top Electric Car Companies in 2021

Electric cars have come a long way since their initial inception. Once a far-fetched idea, developments in the past fifteen years have moved electric cars to the forefront of automotive technology. You probably won’t need to hire a Los Angeles lemon law attorney if you’re going to purchase a brand new EV, and you’ve now got plenty of options when it comes to who you’re going to buy that electric car from. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most prominent options, as we lay out the hottest EV companies of 2021.

Envoy Technologies

Founded in 2016, Envoy focused not so much on producing their own electric vehicles, but on connecting people with EVs at a moment’s notice. You see, this company is like a car sharing service for people with electric cars. In 2019, they announced a partnership with real estate groups, along with a nationwide expansion bringing them to cities like Portland, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami, and Washington DC.


It’s not just passenger vehicles that are benefitting from electric technologies. Agricultural vehicles could also use an energy-friendly makeover, which is why ZTractor created the world’s first electric and autonomous tractor. A smart tractor, along with other autonomous agricultural vehicles, could potentially change the way we farm, potentially making the process smoother, safer, and more efficient for everyone involved.


Electric vehicles aren’t much use if you don’t have a place to charge them back up reliably. That’s where Chargepoint comes into play, by managing a network of charging stations across the country. Chargepoint wants these to be accessible, to help further promote electric vehicle use, and that end they provide robust mapping services for all their stations, making it easy for electric motorists to plan out their charges and keep going.

Rad Power Bikes

Bicycles are also seeing changes thanks to the electric vehicle revolution. Rad Power Bikes has built an entire brand around electric bikes, and offers a wide selection of machines that can fill various two-wheeled niches. From utility bikes to off-roaders, Rad has bikes fit for a range of situations. They uniquely balance efficiency with convenience, enhancing your daily routine.


While there are plenty of other electric vehicle players around, the king of the hill is still Tesla Motors. They revolutionized EV technology with their early models, and now have taken electric motors to a whole new tier of excellence. This year will see them further expand and perfect their vehicle offerings, pushing the entire EV landscape closer to the cutting edge.