Top 5 Must-Know Tips for Opening a Moving Company

Becoming your own boss and starting your business is an exciting endeavor. A business that will always be needed is a moving company. If people are moving, then moving companies will be needed to help support and execute the move.

There is more to starting a moving company than getting a truck and dolly. Besides knowing about the legal requirements to start a moving company, it’s also important to know how to get it off the ground. Here are five must-know tips for opening a moving company so you are prepared for your new venture.

Long-Distance vs Local

Choosing what kind of moving service you want to provide is the first step in opening a moving company. It may seem like a simple decision between long-distance or local moving, but both services require different setups. This is because the service you will offer dictates the type of licenses, insurance, and other legal and financial matters. There are also other considerations between long-distance versus local moving, such as fuel costs, overnight accommodations for drivers, and planning routes.

Obtain Proper Licenses and Insurance

Once you’ve decided if you want to offer long-distance or local moving services, you can obtain the correct licenses and insurance. Keep in mind that a regular business license isn’t enough when starting a moving company. If your moving company will offer moving services that go between states, you will need a federal license to do so. Depending on your business location, you may also need local or state licenses. Also, if you plan to use a large moving truck, you will need to get an oversized/overweight load permit, along with a commercial driver’s license in order to drive a large commercial vehicle.

Hire Movers

When you’re first starting your moving company, you may only need to do small jobs. But as your business expands, it’s crucial to hire reliable movers to meet the client demand. With hiring more employees comes more legal requirements such as worker’s compensation insurance in case an employee injures themselves while on the job. Also, make sure to create materials like an employee handbook and customer service training so new employees can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Create a Marketing Plan

A business plan is often thought about when starting a new business. However, it’s equally as important to create a detailed marketing plan. A marketing plan will also have a sales strategy as both go hand-in-hand. Having a plan to consistently get clients for your moving business is especially crucial during the beginning stages of your new company. Running out of capital at the very beginning of a new business venture means the doors close, so start creating your marketing and sales plan sooner than later.

Build a Website

Nearly everyone is now online, therefore building an excellent website for your moving business is important. People often compare prices and shop between different companies, so your website must be packed with information about your business, and the services you offer, be easy to navigate, and have different forms of fast communication with the potential customer such as the ability to send you a message via website inquiry form, live chat, email, text message, or phone call.

Make sure to have the necessary paperwork and plans ready to go when you open your moving company. With enough upfront planning, you’ll be able to confidently start your moving company and set it up for success.