Top 5 Fingerprint Door Locks that Enhance Your Security

Of the fundamental human needs for survival, security rank in the top tier. Over time, human civilizations have developed multiple ways to ensure it. The world has now introduced the best security systems such as fingerprint locks, which tend to be fail-proof since fingerprints are unique. With the latest biometric locks having the feature of pulse and heat detection coming our way, one must not worry about any burglar breaking in using a mold. Because of these perks, this high-tech lock has provided us more security than any standard lock and key would ever have. Here is a list of the top five fingerprint door locks that play a pivotal role in enhancing your security.

1. Samsung SHS-P718 Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

SHS-P718, aka SHS, is one of the most exceptional solutions to the security threats that have sprung up in the domain of locks and security. Mostly, it’s installed in commercial buildings owing to its feature of providing extremely high security. Unless someone has luxury assets in his home, householders are unlikely to have it because of it being pricey.

This lock operates through a push-pull door handle that aids in opening the door more efficiently. Users can gain access to lock through a fingerprint, a pin code or a card. Although the primary access method is unlocking through a thumbprint, yet to strengthen the security, it also has a second authentication method: a fingerprint can be coupled with another access method, e.g., a password. This is activated upon requesting a finger-mark and a password or code before using it.

Key Benefits

  • The push-pull lock handle aligns the main body and lock handle into one mechanism, which allows it tough to be circumvented. 
  • It can store 100 fingerprint templates and 30 pin codes. 
  • The built-in alarm can be integrated with other devices to have a broad range of security across a building. It implies that this alarm will be activated if someone tries to sneak in.

2. ZKAccess TF1700

The ZKAccess TF1700 favors high security for a particular audience: the commercial property and business owners who are on the lookout of better safety options. This is suitable for exterior and interior use as it’s appraised as water-proof and weather-proof. 

The Perfect Fits

  • It claims an incredible 1.5-second user identification time frame, which allows improved and efficient access for its users.
  • It is capable of recording 50,000 transactions and 3,000 fingerprints. This strengthens safety and security by keeping track of the timings of visits of authorized users. 

3. Marks USA 175 BIO Series

The 175 BIO fingerprint door lock is one of the handfuls of locks which affirms to wipe out any chance of unauthorized use and replication. This lock contains a fingerprint reader, which can save the data of up to 100 users at a time and can make an audit trail of approx. 4,000 events. It infers that a commercial proprietor can monitor activities on his premises every day. Thus, all the occasions are documented, and the chances of unauthorized use are deduced to a great extent. 

Key Features

  • Weather-resistant, thus friendly for outdoor use.
  • The fingerprint reader is programmed to read 80 points of your finger, making it nearly impossible for anyone to bypass it, therefore providing maximum security.

4. U-tec Ultraloq UL3

It is designed for both residential and commercial spaces; hence, the low price point. However, it’s suitable for small business owners who want it installed on multiple doors inside a building. It claims to be IP65 water-resistant and dustproof. Besides, it places the keyway at the underside of its body to make it harder to pick.

Key Features

  • It can save the information of up to 90 users.
  • Easy installation process – DIY comes in handy. 
  • The UL3 is weather-resistant: it is a good fit for outdoor use, especially in residential spaces.

5. Yale YDM4109 (Mortise Lock) Fingerprint Door Lock

The biometric fingerprint door lock that Yale has cropped up in the market is what customers are looking out for commercial premises. Using progressive scanning, the Yale YDM4109 fingerprint door lock qualifies for the one-touch verification method. 

Other features that make it one of the best locks for a commercial purpose are its anti-panic egress handle, which upgrades entrance during emergency circumstances, such as shooting. Additionally, it is armed with a high-security mortise cylinder that can be run by up to 20 people – i.e., most likely 20 fingerprints. 

Key Features

  • A built-in automatic alarm that activates during a robbery or as a result of any damage.
  • The reduction in the chances of the fingerprint reader being manipulated.
  • The presence of an emergency supply terminal ensures safety and allows the lock to be accessible during a blackout.