To Outsource or Not: Areas to Consider Contracting Work Out

Outsourcing is extremely popular in a variety of forms for companies of all sizes. Even some of the largest companies in the world source their work to smaller businesses. Managed IT for lawyers is a great example of something being outsourced. A small or large law firm might not have the time to staff an entire IT department, not to mention it’s way costly. On the other hand, the services you will receive from reliable IT support will most likely be superior.

Below are some other areas to consider contracting out to make your business as profitable as possible.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is frequently outsourced to agencies that have a plethora of connections in various industries. Digital marketing agencies do differ in their quality as some generate results while others manage marketing budgets unwisely. Outsourcing social media account management can be wildly effective. True digital marketing gurus can generate followers and traffic consistently which will help grow a business. Freelancers can be a great asset to assist in digital marketing where you can bypass the agency prices. 


Accounting can be a nightmare to handle in-house especially when running a small business. There are a number of platforms that assist with keeping accounting organized like that of QuickBooks. Accountants can be extremely expensive to hire in-house when you can hire an accounting firm. These firms have a number of accountants that understand how to save a business money during tax season. Organization is important when it comes to accounting as saving receipts and filing certain expenses is essential.

Data Entry

Data entry can be tedious and time consuming for in-house staff to have to handle. There are so many freelancers to choose from online that will be able to handle this. There are so many people that have the ability to do this. You will be able to save money when outsourcing data entry when sourcing to professionals from a country like Bulgaria or Thailand. There are so many digital nomads that are looking for consistent work so they can travel the world. 

Data entry can be a great job to give a teenager looking for work that is not physically draining. 

Administrative Tasks 

Finding virtual assistants to handle administrative tasks should not be difficult. You can opt for an assistant overseas or domestically. Overseas freelancers and virtual assistants might cost a fraction of what a virtual assistant in the US would demand hourly. Finding a great virtual assistant can be a lifesaver as management can focus on more important tasks. Setting appointments and responding to emails are other tasks that virtual assistants can help with. Communication is key with virtual assistants as you have to inform them of your expectations.


Outsourcing tasks is important when it comes to focusing on what a business thrives in doing. The ability to outsource an area and generate better results at a lower cost is immensely helpful in business. Create a list of tasks that you want to outsource and put a plan of action in place to start outsourcing.