Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Successful marriages don’t happen overnight. It is much more than a dream wedding and a couple holding hands. It’s two people choosing to go through life together and being ready to do the hard work to make that happen.

Common Causes of Marital Issues

Marital problems are common. They happen for various reasons. But the bottom line is that they can be solved as long as both parties are willing to sort them out.

Money issues

Honesty is the foundation of any relationship. This includes being open about one’s finances and money is one of the most common causes of marital problems. Differences in opinions about saving and spending decisions can create a lot of conflict so make sure you create a budget with your spouse to agree on the money for necessities, rent, insurance, your Dominion Energy utilities and other expenses to save yourself a lot of headache.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy goes beyond a mere expression of physical manifestation. Although a lack of a physical connection can contribute to a loss of overall connection, true intimacy transcends the skin. It’s about looking at your partner’s eyes and seeing his or her soul, where you feel at home. It means seeing your partner as beautiful or handsome even when they are in their PJs. Intimacy means the two of you get to communicate with your hearts in ways that no one else possibly ever could.


More marriages are broken up by selfishness than any other reason. Partners might blame infidelity, lack of commitment or conflicting goals, but the root of all those problems is the absence of selflessness.


Tips for a Successful Marriage

All married couples have arguments. But, if they laid their foundations right and if they are doing the work, there is nothing that they cannot overcome.

Turn “ME” into “WE”

Being married means you’re a team. That means facing challenges together. It also means thinking what is best for both for you. That also implies fidelity, in mind, body, heart and soul because your partner becomes part of you.

Looking in the same direction – growing together

A successful couple looks to the future together. You need to support each other as you both keep growing to become an even better version of yourselves and ensure you still have room for each other.


There can be no relationship without trust. If a marriage is built on the pillars of trust, it allows closeness, and that bond is difficult to break.

Friends first

Being in love is lovely, but it won’t get you far unless you are best friends as well.


If you want to be in any kind of relationship, you need to learn how to compromise. But, the only way for it to work is if you don’t see that compromise as a burden. You should at the very least be glad that you are making your partner happy when honoring his or her wish.


One of the reasons why partners are willing to compromise is that they respect each other as well as their personal needs.


All the love in the world cannot protect you from making a mistake. You and your partner are both human and are bound to make mistakes. If you don’t know how to forgive, chances are your marriage has an expiration date.

Keeping the spark

Successful partnerships demand both quantity and quality time. Once you find something good, you need to nurture it. Metaphorically speaking, when you two fell in love, you received a heated teapot. It’s not like you have to heat it up from scratch as all you have to do is keep it warm but without effort, it will get cold as time goes by.


Finding the right mate is not a guarantee for a successful marriage. Successful marriages occur when the two mates work hard at being the right mate. If you truly love your spouse, you need to be committed to him or her. Feelings might come and go, but being committed means you’re in for the good and the bad, and that means the ups and downs. At the end of the day, true love is the only thing that can get you through the trials that life throws at you.