This Real Estate Coach is Disrupting an Otherwise ‘Dirty’ Industry

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry more rife with dubious characters and shady deals than real estate, and specifically real estate coaching. Buying property is recognized around the globe as a steady investment strategy that generates real returns, and that level of wealth attracts all kinds of people. While there are countless investors and management agencies that are operating above the board, there’s an equal amount who just want to make a buck no matter the ethics.

To combat this trend, Stefen Aarnio, a self-made millionaire, is bringing accountability and a fresh attitude to the sector. Aarnio is flipping the industry of real estate coaching upside down to give a new face to the upstanding and legitimate side of the business.

From Musician to Real Estate Millionaire

Aarnio is a seasoned real estate investor, author, coach, and speaker, but he didn’t grow up thinking he’d make it big in the real estate game. At 22 he pivoted from a music career, and in just six and a half years Stefan was able to become a self-made millionaire through raising capital for real estate. Now, with an extremely profitable business and a few books and awards under his belt, he’s added coaching to his ever-expanding repertoire.

Not everyone knows how to turn capital into returns using real estate, but everyone knows there’s big money to be made in buying and selling property. Dirty dealers use this common knowledge to scam unwitting people out of thousands of their hard-earned dollars for lackluster coaching seminars. A lot of the time these “experts” have never even invested in real estate themselves.

Aarnio has reverse-engineered this paradigm and is bringing legitimacy and first-hand experience to his coaching sessions. Once he started to hit major success in real estate his phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting to learn his secrets. After putting them off for a while to focus on the growth of his firm, he finally relented and started taking on mentees.

Proactive Coaching Equals Real Results

Most real estate coaching programs could care less about your outcomes once you’ve purchased the course. Aarnio takes a different approach and focuses on high-performance and high-accountability. Aarnio and his associates don’t wait for the students to call them for questions; they proactively call the student to better engage them in the learning process.

This has led to an unprecedented success rate of 47 percent for his students hitting their desired goals, when the industry standard is usually below 5 percent. This is because Aarnio has honed his real estate savvy over the years with his own successful business, and therefore is able to teach what actually works in the real world. This transparent and goal-oriented approach takes a lot of effort, but for Aarnio it’s the only way to do business, and with results like his it’s not hard to see why.

Image: Stefan Aarnio
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