The Truth about Juul

When you think of E-Cigarettes, one of the first brands that many think of is Juul. But I believe that you should avoid Juul, and instead try and get some Orion q replacement pods. 

If you’re thinking about getting your hands on a Juul, I would advise you to think twice. 

Better than Smoking 

Before I start talking about what’s wrong with Juul, I should start off by saying that they’re still much better than smoking. 

Unlike Juul, smoking puts tar and carbon monoxide into our bodies. These chemicals are what causes us to have lung problems and an increased chance of getting cancer if we smoke too much. 

Almost every health professional agrees that smoking is not good for our health, and we need to be careful about the chemicals that we’re putting into our body. 

So, if your only options are Juul, or smoking, it’s far better to start using a Juul. But those aren’t your only two options. 

Who owns them

When researching for another article, I tried to figure out how much the stock value for Juul is. But I found that this information was not available because Juul is not on the stock market. 

If you wish to invest in Juul, you’ll need to invest in their parent company. And who is the parent company of Juul? 

 Altria Group Inc. 

This might not be a familiar name to many, but they’re actually a tobacco company, responsible for the familiar cigarette brand Marlboro. So by giving money to Juul, you’ll be giving money to a tobacco company. 



I believe that all companies, no matter what they sell, should have to play by the rules and follow the letter of the law. 

In 2014, Juul did not do this. The FDA told them off for making false claims. According to the FDA, Juul made up some information about their product to make it come across as healthier than it actually is. The FDA was worried that people would take up Juul without knowing about the impacts that it could have on their health. 

Juul has since retracted these claims. 



As an environmentalist, I hate litter. And one of the most common things that I see littering the streets is cigarette butts. If you choose to smoke, the least you can do is tidy up after yourself. 

But ever since more people have been going for E-Cigarettes instead, something new has happened. I have found more and more Juul pods being used to litter otherwise charming streets. 

Not only do these pods damage the streets, but they also help to pollute the ocean. It should be said that cigarettes are far worse, but I’m not playing the “I’m okay because others are worse” game. 

Health Impacts 

Even though Juul is far better than cigarettes, that’s not to say it’s 100% healthy. 

Juuling too much can cause an increased heart rate, which can lead to increased blood pressure. These are severe health conditions that can impact our day to day lives and cause us to be hospitalised or even death if not treated properly. 

People who have pre-existing conditions should think twice before taking up Juul and even consult with their doctor to make sure that what they’re doing is safe. But again, it’s still nowhere near as bad as smoking. 

Juul might be better than smoking, but that’s not really saying much. 


Of course, it’s brilliant that people are giving up smoking. And Juul can be a very appealing option for people looking to quit the cigarettes. 

But if you choose to take up Juul, you need to be aware of the fact they’re owned by a tobacco company, they’ve gotten into trouble with the FDA, the impact on the planet, and they can cause high blood pressure.