The Many Uses of Deionized Water

The technology to make deionized water has been around for over half a century, but it’s only in the last ten years or so that its magnificent benefits have been recognized in areas such as health and sanitation. 

Many people think that deionized water is exactly the same as distilled water, but that’s not the case at all. Most companies make deionized water by starting with distilled water, which is gathered from steam and still has trace elements in it and electrically charged particles, and then running it through patented deionizing media that completely eliminates any trace of foreign objects in the water. In other words, deionized water is the purest water in the world — it doesn’t occur naturally in nature — it can’t! — but as a man-made product it has many amazing and wonderful uses. 


Have you noticed a white crust forming around the edges of your humidifier filter, even though your using only distilled water? These mineral build ups can cut down on the efficiency of your humidifier, forcing you to buy filters more often than you should. Switch to deionized water and that particular problem disappears. Plus, there is much less chance of any kind of mold or mildew beginning to form inside your humidifier that can lead to unpleasant odors.


Forget putting eggshells in your coffeemaker for superb coffee. Deionized water will enhance the flavor and aroma of even the cheapest coffee blend — making your brew taste like it came from a gourmet coffee shop.


Fish enthusiasts swear that switching to deionized water will prolong the life of most fresh water fish, such as koi and guppies. Plus it cuts down on how often you have to clean the glass sides.

As a cleanse

   Those on special diets or desiring an effective yet mild cleanse will find that deionized water is the perfect medium; it’s lack of minerals and charged electrons makes it the perfect fluid to flush out toxins without leaving any kind of residue behind. As a beverage, slightly chilled, it is perfect for keeping those on vigorous exercise programs completely hydrated without the addition of a lot of questionable chemicals, artificial sweeteners or flavors.


Do you make your own perfumes or colognes? As the professionals have already discovered, deionized water gives oils like rose and bergamot an additional boost, without ever having to worry about them becoming ‘off’ due to mineral interactions. 

Infographic Provided by American Residential Services