The Many Advantages Of Writing Using Medium

Medium is a writing platform that offers great content whether you are a reader or writer. You will appreciate the informed perspectives and experienced, knowledgeable writing you find there. Readers can find a variety of literature types, such as inspirational stories, fiction, poetry, and satire. Writers have their works viewed by a larger audience, and readers can show their appreciation with comments, claps, and hearts. Medium founders want every story to be told and feel that the best ones are told through Medium.

Whether you are a beginner, occasional, or seasoned veteran writer, Medium offers a platform that is easy to use and allows writers to import work from anywhere online and edit it there. Learn the basics here. Your established audience can follow you to Medium from your social media accounts and websites. Your readership will increase because of new readers of your content on Medium. Medium can connect you to others on their platform automatically. Your Medium profile entitles you to Medium metrics, and you can see how many readers engaged with your content, how long they read, and if they finished the article. Readers on Medium engage with your story longer than stories on Twitter. Your readers can also recommend you to others.

For most writers, to be discovered by a well-known publisher, have an article syndicated or be asked to be a regular contributor is a very desirable outcome. On Medium there are established audiences, topics and industries that many follow, such as technology, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and business. Your content would be fresh and new to your new audience. Medium also helps you find new readers on Facebook and Twitter. Include your links to your company website and social media sites, including Instagram and LinkedIn, in all content you publish, like this company’s Medium posts. Visitors can further engage with your content, your company, and your brand. 

Medium also offers writers the opportunity to start their own publication. Many writers start publications to showcase their skills and work. Publishers can choose which stories to feature in their publications. This includes home page promo and letters function features. Home page promo allows publishers to link to a post, feature page, or an external link outside the Medium platform. Formatting and links are of a publisher’s choosing. Letters function delivers letters to your followers’ inbox. You can post highlights, recommendations, build upon your story, and your letters may develop into more content. Your publication offers you the chance to share articles from other writers, find writers who share your interests and those who may want to collaborate. All publications have three profiles: owners, writers, and editors.

Medium has paid subscription memberships. Partners write stories that can only be viewed by subscribed members. Non-members are allowed to read five members’ stories for free each month. Some members post to both public and members forums. The low monthly subscription is a small fee distributed among contributing writers. If you enjoy reading content as well as writing it, a membership is well worth your while. Medium wants readers and writers to interact on their platform, has content for paid members and those who interact for free, they supply tools to make interaction easy.

Typically, a writer’s content on Medium can be viewed by a wider audience than content published on social media, a company website or another publishing platform. 

Your followers will enjoy the content published on Medium for both the reading experience and the easy-to-use tools used to interact. Your stories have tags that direct your content to readers, and readers use them to find interesting content. Medium analytics tells you how many views your story received, the number of visitors and how long they engaged with your story, and how many recommended it.

Publications are time-consuming and may take valuable time from your writing. You are sure to find stories from a variety of industries and many topics. It is best not to put all your eggs in one basket in case Medium ever shuts down. Publish on and link to Medium often through your social media accounts, websites, and other publishing platforms to prevent the loss of your content. Medium fits into many businesses’ content and blog publishing strategies because it is a simple and efficient tool. If you want to share your topics with a wider audience, have more visitors to your website, increase your social media following, and have access to quality content, use Medium to enjoy reading great content, writing about your favorite topics and increasing your readership. Bloggers rate Medium as everything you need in a blogging platform. Can Medium be valuable to you and your business?