The Importance Of A Business Phone In A Company

According to a 2022 study by FinancesOnline, 62% of consumers would rather speak to customer service over the phone than via chat or email. A business phone is a wise investment for any company that wants to improve its customer service, marketing, and sales. 


A business phone system is different from personal smartphones in that you use a separate company number on the same device without additional SIM cards. It gives you create control over your work life. You can shut down the business phone system and only use it during business hours. It also gives you quick access to customers who may need help or have concerns to address.


This system works remotely. You can log in and look up sensitive client information. With a business phone system, you can use multiple devices to make and receive calls. You also get to enjoy privacy without giving out your personal number. Here are some other benefits of using a business phone.


1. Saves Your Company Money


A business phone system allows your company to save more money. There is no need to purchase smartphones for each new employee. You can easily get them set up with a telephone set and headset. This saves your company more money in the long run since they cost less than smartphones.


2. Streamlines Business Communications


Business phone systems streamline the flow of business communications throughout your company. You will notice that both your internal and external communications will improve. A business phone system often comes with skill-based routing, which allows your staff to redirect incoming calls. With the call forwarding feature, you can handle calls from your smartphone.


3. Transfers Calls


You can transfer calls quickly and easily. Your customers will not feel lost on who to connect with. With a business phone system, you can maintain flow to ensure that calls never go unanswered. Both your sales and marketing teams can track the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and productivity with the call recording feature.


4. Eliminates Conference Call Costs


A business phone system helps you eliminate or save money on conference call costs. Three-way calling can be expensive if your company has multiple phone lines. Conference calls cut costs by limiting to three participants only.


Most third-party conference lines charge per participant. This can be costly if you plan to have weekly or monthly conference calls. Instead, you can purchase a bridge that eliminates those costs and allows calls from multiple parties.


5. Easy To Use


A business phone system is easy to master, even with a wireless connection. Unlike most complex phone systems, it does not require staff to place and maintain calls. A phone system for a small business is effective enough. It is easy enough for even older staff members to use.


Also, you will find that it is easy enough to set up and integrate within your company’s communications. All you need is a landline cable or landline base device. When the setup is done, you can add additional telephones or headsets to your system.