The Case for Outsourced IT Over an In-House Team

Smart businesses know how to utilize the best technology services, whether inside or outside the company. There are circumstances in which you should consider a new IT strategy. 

It’s important to look at how your business can benefit from working with third party companies. Using outsourced managed IT services rather than employing an in-house team is a great option for many companies. There’s only so much that your in-house team can do. 

If you’re interested in seeing whether outsourcing your IT is the right solution for your company, read on. Here we’ll explain a few of the key advantages to choosing outsourced IT over an in-house team:

1. Reduced Expenses

All companies want to maximize their budgets and cut excess spending. Hiring and maintaining an in-house IT department is a significant cost for many businesses. Depending on the needs of the business, outsourced IT is often a lot cheaper than the in-house option.

A consistent flat fee with outsourced IT can be a good compromise to offer reliable costs that are lower than employee salary expenses. Research your options and understand what costs will be most relevant to your business. It’s important to do your own financial calculations because each business is unique.

Iron Edge, an IT company in Houston, offers this guide on pricing for managed services. Look at their breakdown on IT services and see how much money your business might be able to save.

2. Specialized Expertise

In-house teams often have employees that have a good general knowledge for the average problems that will come up in a business. But for specialized problems, it can be beyond the training of a general IT employee. 

When you choose to use the services of an outsourced IT team, you benefit from access to experts in a variety of areas. No matter the specifics of the problem or situation that comes up, someone on the outsourced team will have the experience to handle it. 

They can be dispatched when that problem comes up, rather than having to be searched out when your in-house team finds they need additional support.

3. 24/7 Server Monitoring

Making sure that your business’s IT stays up and running is a big job. While in-house employees clock out for the day at five, server problems don’t respect normal work day hours. Keeping network security safe and servers functioning non-stop can be hard if you’re trying to take care of this with in-house staff. 

When you choose to outsource to an external company instead, you’ll have access to a team of people who are able to monitor your servers day and night. This is crucial to make sure you don’t start the work day with server problems.

4. Industry-Specific Guidance

While an in-house team only knows your own operations intimately, an outsourced team has worked with many. This can be extremely valuable for you to benefit from their outside knowledge of what technology is important to your industry. 

Find an outsourced IT option that has experience with other businesses in your industry. They can give expert guidance based on solutions they found for other businesses. 

They’ll know exactly what businesses like yours need in terms of technology and IT. They’ll therefore be able to offer you insights that are relevant to your business and to your future goals. 

5. Access to Full-Size Team

Overburdening your in-house team is always a risk when you have your own company IT staff. They may handle the day-to-day problems well, but when unexpected situations arise, the team can be suddenly way too small to keep up.

By getting outsourced IT services, you can have a team as large or as small as the day calls for. You can have access to a full-size team to be all hands on deck when you need it, or as small as the everyday problems require, without having to pay for additional staff. 

There are many reasons why you might want to outsource your IT needs. If you could benefit from any of the advantages we discussed above, it might be time for you to explore outsourcing for your business. If so, be sure to find professional partners you can put your trust in.