The Benefits of Physio for All Age Groups

When people think of physiotherapy, they generally think about sports people, and sports injuries. They think that physiotherapy is just for young athletes, who play for the local football team, or run significant distances every single day. However, people of all ages can experience injuries, and they don’t just come from the exertion while taking part in sporting activities. People of all ages suffer from various illnesses or medical conditions, that may reduce their ability to move around easily, and to function in a normal manner. Thankfully, physiotherapy is there to help them get back to where they were, before the injury took place.

All over Australia, you can avail yourself of physiotherapy programs, the Physio in Leichardt is helping to improve the well-being, and health of the many people who live there. Physical therapy also helps to teach people about what activities that they should be doing, in order to prevent further injury from happening further down the line. It is important not to wait until your injury gets worse, and when you feel just a little tweak, then maybe it’s time to make an appointment with your local physiotherapist. The benefits of visiting your physiotherapist on a regular basis are quite numerous, and we will explore just a few of them here today.

  • Surgery avoidance – In many cases, a visit to your local physiotherapist will take away your pain, and may help an injury to heal quicker, and this can mean that you get to avoid surgery later. Even if you do have to go through some kind of surgery, you can still get what’s called pre-surgery physiotherapy, and this means that your body is in better shape before the surgery, and this allows you to heal much faster.


  • It improves mobility – If you have been hurt in a road accident, for example, and you don’t know what to do, then a visit to your local physiotherapist can provide you with some much-needed assistance. You might be having problems standing, walking, or generally moving around, and so your physiotherapist will do strengthening exercises, that will allow you to be able to move around quite freely. They can provide you with assistance in the form of a crutch, or a cane, in line with government guidelines.



  • Improved balance – Depending on your injury or illness, you might be more susceptible to falling down, and your physiotherapist can tell you about the various exercises, that are useful for addressing your imbalance problems. They will assist you with exercises that will improve your overall coordination, and if your unsteadiness is due to a vestibular problem, then they can teach you about particular movements that help to restore your balance, and therefore, your normal function.


We all experience injuries, both young and old, and so it is essential that we have a professional to turn to, in our time of need. Physiotherapists offer us everything that we need, to get back on our feet again successfully. They can help us manage a number of different issues like diabetes, or vascular conditions. They provide a very essential service that allows us to recover more quickly, and to be able to manage our various conditions.