Take Advantage of Working Remotely: What You Can Accomplish

The number of people working remotely is staggering with that number exploding during the start of shutdowns due to COVID-19. Working remotely is a dream for a number of people and offers a freedom unlike any other in terms of your professional life. Most people imagine living in a warm location with a low cost of living due to the ability to work from anywhere. You can accomplish more personally each day due to elimination of your commute. Do not waste this extra time as it can improve your quality of life is used in certain ways. The following are things that you can accomplish due to your new or old freedom of working from home.

Getting into Better Shape

Getting into better shape is something that seems to be on the list of nearly everyone. The ability to exercise at home is not taken advantage of by very many people. Investing in a stationary bike or treadmill can allow you to work while clearing your emails or during a break in your day. Prepping your meals is going to be important as well which shouldn’t be too difficult if you are at home all day. Set yourself up for success by creating a routine that you stick to rigorously. Fitness is about consistency even if you just do 10 or 20 minutes on the treadmill during one day you have a busy schedule. Going to the gym is an option but a number of people are still wary to do so due to the virus still being a real threat.

Learning a New Skill/Language

You have a few extra hours per day that you do not have to spend getting ready or commuting to work. This doesn’t mean that you should spend a few extra hours watching Netflix as you will run out of content to view eventually. Learning a new language can expand your horizons in real ways. You can work in new roles professionally or could work abroad if the opportunity arises. There are a number of apps and courses that can assist with this that have high chances of allowing you to speak conversationally in a number of languages.

Take Advantage of Being Home for Renovation/Improvement Professionals

Being home is perfect for those professionals that need work done on their homes. This could be sink refinishing or even taking the time to get the home painted. Most homeowners do not want to leave a crew alone in their home although it is likely nothing will happen. Being able to see the progress of workers is one thing but do not be overbearing as a number of these projects take quite a bit of close attention to be paid. Interrupting someone tiling a floor is a great way to knock them off of track.

As you can see you can do so much more with your day with a few extra hours. This doesn’t mean that you should be constantly being productive as rejuvenating daily is essential. Use your time wisely and you surely will not regret it.

Founder of Nanohydr8.