RV Mattresses Are A Special Breed

You’ve bought your RV, your home away from home. But comfort doesn’t seem to have been on top of the agenda for your RV manufacturer, because you’re on day two of your vacation and can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. Here’s why you should entrust your sleep to a mattress maker instead of an RV manufacturer.

Why Are RV Mattresses So Hard to Get Right?

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their beds. Your RV’s bed might need to meet specific functional needs, like having specific corner cuts that slot into the RV’s design or even hide-a-bed mats for an integrated couch-bed combo.

Manufacturers Don’t Prioritize Mattresses 

When RV designers fit everything into its limited space, they might keep the mattress in the space it needs to go, but leave the quality and materials as the lowest priorities. RV manufacturers focus on drivability, so every pound added affects the rig’s affordability and steering. In short, the mattress will likely be designed to be lightweight instead of comfortable. But the need for a specific mattress shape can make buying a replacement mattress difficult.

How Custom RV Mattresses Are Made

Because RV mattresses differ so vastly in terms of the spaces they need to fit, the mattress company Tochta created an online RV mattress builder where you can input the dimensions of your mattress. By measuring your mattress, customizing the shape, and choosing its thickness, you can generate a quote automatically and have the mattress shipped to you directly. And even if your mattress is already a standard size, you can customize its materials so you get the most comfortable bed for your RV. 

Cutting Corners (in a Good Way)

RV mattresses not only need to be different dimensions from standard mattresses, but the space might require special corners to fit into customized bed frames. A custom mattress builder will allow you to input in the shape of your bed corners, whether they’re notched or angled or rounded. 

Considering Your Comfort Needs

Custom shape doesn’t have to come at the cost of custom comfort. Different factors to consider in your RV’s mattress could include firmness level, split-firmness levels if you and your partner sleep differently, temperature control, edge support to keep sleepers from falling out of bed, and the material your mattress is made from. 

Sleep Well and Drive Safe

A poor quality night’s sleep can impact a driver’s decision-making skills on the road. It’s hard to enjoy your vacation if you’re sleeping poorly, and then worrying about keeping you and your family safe on your travels as a result. With a high-quality night’s sleep, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to deal with anything from adverse weather conditions to a sudden stop on the move to enjoy the scenery. 

Beat the Back Pain

If you love being on the road but hate the restless nights or blossoming back pain associated with a night in the RV, a custom-built mattress will help you rediscover your love of RV travel. A good memory foam mattress will adjust to your sleeping style, providing you with the support you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you’re a restless sleeper, a memory foam mattress could help you relax as you don’t feel like you’re fighting your mattress at every turn.

Don’t Book a Vacation to Recover from This One

Nothing stops your vacation fun faster than a bad night’s sleep. Especially if you’re traveling with your family and are woken up by grumpy kids and a despondent driver. Getting everyone a high-quality, restful night’s sleep will ensure everyone in the family is fresh-faced and ready for a day of traveling and adventure. You’ll come back from your vacation refreshed, rather than considering another break to recover from this one.

A restful night’s sleep on a custom RV mattress can provide you with a well-deserved rest so you are ready to tackle the rest of your RV travels, and better yet, enjoy them. So if you’re a weary RV owner wondering how to upgrade your RV’s mattress, Tochta can help you with a custom RV mattress designed for you. Look no further for a good night’s sleep on the road!