Rural Homeowners: 5 Farming Hacks That you Can Use at Home

If you don’t live in an urban environment and there’s a lot of space, you are fortunate in many ways, especially with the current Covid-19 pandemic, which hit Australia rather hard after a period of inactivity. On the subject of country life, here are a few farming hacks that you might like to consider.

  1. Keeping Animals Off Restricted Areas – It might be a vegetable patch, or a nice lawn that you wish to preserve, and with JVA Electric Fencing, you can install a thin wire barrier that will keep all animals at bay. The unit can run off the mains or battery and with a smartphone app, you can control the electric fencing and be alerted when anything tries to breach the perimeter. Electric fence energisers some in a range of sizes, depending on the area you wish to protect, and buying online means trade prices.
  2. Acquire an ATV – The all-terrain vehicle is great for carrying out odd jobs on your land, and this handy off-road vehicle can also be used for recreation. If you have a large holding is nice to able to take a leisurely ride around your property perimeter, to check the fending and generally keep an eye on things. This will also prove to be invaluable in wet and muddy conditions and with the right tyres, the ATV will go almost anywhere. If you are under quarantine, here are some great health & wellness tips, to ensure you remain in good spirits.
  3. Drone Surveillance – Technology allows us to remotely fly a drone that is equipped with a hi-res digital camera, allowing you to view any section of your land, and if you have any livestock, you can check on them at any time without disturbing the animals. The kids would love to play with the drone and it can be used to observe wildlife and even record video, which is great, and for the fun you can have, a drone is good value for money.
  4. Create a Compost Heap – If you don’t have vegetables growing, the compost will be great for flowers and shrubs, and there are free online resources to help you set up a corner where the compost can be kept. It will use up all your food scraps and provide essential nutrients to fauna and flora. If you do live in a remote part of Australia, here is some government information that might be of use.
  5. Automated Sprinklers – These are very easy to build now and whether your veg area or the lawn, once the system is installed and configured, it will turn the water on and off at specific times set by you. A small setup is all you would require and without having to water areas, you will have a lot more free time to spend with the family. The real benefit is for those that do grow produce, as the sprinkler or trickle system ensures optimum growth, and for the little it costs, installing such a system is worth it.

It can be a full-time job keeping a rural holding in good order, and by using the above, you can make life a little bit easier.