Roofing Issues That You Might Not Have Considered, Looking Up From The Ground

Your home is your castle as they say, and so this important piece of real estate is the one thing that is protecting you and your family from the elements. Our parents have always told us to make sure that we always have a roof over our heads, and while they didn’t mean that literally, the advice still applies. The roof on your property is the one thing that is holding everything together, and frequently homeowners ignore the roof, because standing looking at it from the ground, it looks to be in pretty good shape.

It’s happening right now.

However, there is a lot going on up there that you cannot see, and it is only when you talk to a professional roofing company like Southern Cross roofing, that you get to understand what exactly is going on up there and what issues that your roof might have. It is your roofing company’s job to make you aware of any cracks or leaks, that will lead to many issues later, if you don’t address them now. The following are just some of the many things happening on your roof that create problems for homeowners all across Australia.

  • Algae and moss build up – Over the years, due to the wet weather that we experience here on a fairly regular basis, moss and algae tend to build up on the surface of our roof tiles and slates. This not only creates a slippery surface that your roofer has to walk upon, but it also helps to retain moisture on the roof which is something that you don’t want. Excessive moisture may seep through small cracks and holes on the roof, and this leads to much bigger problems.


  • Blocked guttering – Obviously you cannot see what is inside your guttering just looking up from the front of your house, but over the course of a year, leaves, twigs, and even dead animals can be found inside your guttering. The guttering is designed to take all of the rainwater away that falls upon your roof, and if it is unable to do so because it is blocked, then that excess water will end up running down the walls of your home and accumulating at the front and back of your house.


  • Cracked or missing tiles – There is no way to know if a roof tile or slate is cracked or missing, until you get someone to actually go up there and have a good look around for you. Cracked or missing roof tiles can be easily replaced by your roofer, but if you don’t give your roof the care and attention that it needs, you could end up having to spend thousands of dollars making repairs, that could have been easily avoided in the beginning.

Your home is probably the single biggest purchase that you will make in this lifetime, and so it is important to protect your investment. Just because you can see from the road, doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues occurring right now on the top of your house. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your local roofing company to have your roof checked out at least once every year.