Reasons To Choose Us To Become A Nurse Health Coach

Thinking about making the transition to becoming a nurse health coach? If so, you aren’t the only one. We have a lot of students in our Transformative Health Coaching Program. Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we’ve created a program for Registered Nurses just like you to successfully transition from traditional nursing to nurse health coaching and holistic nursing. There are plenty of reasons you should look at our program if you are interested in learning more about being a nurse health coach

Reasons To Choose Us: 

  • We Are Nurses Too

One of the things that the majority of our clients love about our teaching program is how it’s perfectly tailored to nurses. There’s one reason we were able to create such an optimized program for our clients. It’s because we are nurses too! That’s right, our entire program was developed from scratch by nurses. That’s why you are getting the best instruction and the most accurate guidance. We know what education a traditional nurse has. We know the bad habits you might have. We know the gaps that you need to be filled. We know all of this because we had them too! This is why many traditional nurses see great success with our program. 

  • Our Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at the countless testimonials we have. We are constantly doing our best to beat the expectations of our clients. We know how important it is to provide a stellar experience. That’s why we take pride in all of the positive feedback we have received. We constantly look at the feedback to make improvements to our program. You can look at the testimonials we have on our site and see that you are very likely to have a great experience. 

  • You Get Board Certified

If you want to become a health coach, you are going to want to get board certified. At the end of our Transformative Nurse Coaching Program, you will be fully board-certified. This means that you can practice and your patients can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting assistance from someone with the requisite training to be professional in the field. Getting board certified is important if you want to get your patients to trust you. It shows that you went through the effort and got the formal education needed to deliver the best results for your patients/clients.

  • It’s Online

We know how busy nurses are. We know that you cannot just quit your job and enroll full-time in a program. We’ve designed this program to be one of the most flexible out there. It’s a 7-month program that is done entirely online. You will get access to the course content and live video conferences. The entire thing is designed for flexibility from start to finish. This alone is reason enough to consider it because you are already busy enough as is. You likely don’t have the time to adhere to a rigid schedule. You need something fluid and something flexible. We know this because we had a limited schedule too. With our program, you will be able to do things on your own time and you won’t be constricted to a set schedule. 

  • You’re Qualified

All you need to do to enroll in the course is have an active Registered Nurse License. As long as your license is current, you are good to go. 

  • Our Community and Support

One of the standout benefits of our transformative program is the fact that you get access to our thriving and vibrant community of like-minded nurses like yourself. You will get access to a bunch of nurses that are just like you. This is a good reason to consider getting into our program because you will be able to surround yourself with helpful people. The chance to surround yourself with a lot of helpful people is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. It makes it so much easier to go through such a drastic change in your life. After all, you have people to talk to and you can even get live support calls and a dedicated instructor to help you through it. 

There is no doubt that here at the Nurse Coach Collective, we value all of our clients. We know how important your time is. We know that your time is limited. We’ve designed a course around your schedule. We’ve included everything you need to know to become a board-certified nurse. The course is only 7 months and by the end, you will be ready to become a professional nurse health coach. If you have been meaning to learn more about holistic nursing and if you want to get into health coaching, there’s never been a better time. Contact us today to learn more and we can get you set up in no time.