TradingView Integrates the TRON Network and Joins HackaTRON Season 6 as an Official Partner

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London, United Kingdom, March 26, 2024 – TradingView has become an official partner for HackaTRON Season 6, hosted by TRON DAO, BitTorrent Chain, HTX DAO, and JustLend DAO. This year’s competition is illuminated by the expertise of Maksim Shymanovich and Alexey Telnov from TradingView, set to judge the projects competing for a prize pool of up to $650,000*.

TradingView: A pillar of community and expertise

With over 50 million users, TradingView stands as a global hub for market analysis and community discussion. The platform’s participation in HackaTRON Season 6 is expected to elevate the competition, ensuring a high level of expertise in the judging process.

Beyond being a mere participant, TradingView has deepened its integration with TRON by integrating the TRON Network into their platform. This will provide users access to real-time market updates, indicators, price trends, drawing tools, and widgets. TradingView’s integration also allows HackaTRON participants to build better interfaces of market data, allowing users to better engage with their dApps, fostering innovation across the TRON ecosystem.

A competitive arena for blockchain developers

HackaTRON Season 6 invites developers passionate about decentralized technology to showcase their skills, offering a $500,000* prize pool and $150,000* in energy support. The energy component offsets network fees, enabling more streamlined and effective blockchain transactions for users interacting with dApps. This initiative not only emphasizes TRON’s commitment to the blockchain community but also TradingView’s dedication to fostering innovation and talent in the cryptocurrency sector.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to present their projects to a panel of distinguished judges, including Shymanovich and Telnov, promising an unparalleled level of scrutiny and feedback. For more information on how to join HackaTRON Season 6 and make an impact on the future of decentralized technology, please visit the official TRON DAO HackaTRON page.

*All prizes are issued in TRX or TRON network Energy, not USD, restrictions applied. All contest rules can be viewed here:

Industry expert judges

Maksim Shymanovich, Senior Manager within the International Growth department at TradingView, remarked: “it is fantastic to see the strong partnership we’ve built with the TRON DAO, and I’m really excited to be judging at HackaTRON S6. I look forward to evaluating innovative Web3 projects across diverse tracks like DeFi, Artistry, and more, from talented developers worldwide.”

Additionally, Alexey Telnov is joining him on the judging panel. Alexey, the Crypto Product Owner at TradingView, has expressed his excitement with the following remarks: “I am honored to participate in this season’s HackaTRON event, witnessing the innovative ideas and solutions presented by talented individuals and teams. I look forward to evaluating the projects and contributing to the recognition of promising advancements within the blockchain space.”

About TradingView

TradingView is a global analytical platform offering an extended set of features for in-depth market analysis.

TradingView was founded in 2011 as a charting platform catering to both seasoned and novice traders and investors looking for advanced yet accessible functionality. From the very beginning, TradingView focused on bringing markets directly to traders’ devices instead of confining data and charts in closed terminals for professional use.

Since then, TradingView has grown into a versatile platform providing a wide range of services. In addition to customizable charts equipped with an array of drawing tools and indicators, traders can make use of the latest financial news sourced from trusted sources worldwide, a social network where users share their insights every day, and multiple tools for a more thought-through analysis, including the Economic calendar, screeners and heatmaps. Altogether, this helps TradingView be a go-to place to track cryptocurrency prices, watch global markets’ movements, and share ideas with fellow traders.

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TRON DAO is a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps.

Founded in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, the TRON network has continued to deliver impressive achievements since MainNet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the ecosystem integration of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services boasting over 100 million monthly active users. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years. As of March 2023, it has over 216.32 million total user accounts on the blockchain, more than 7.25 billion total transactions, and over $25.00 billion in total value locked (TVL), as reported on TRONSCAN.

In addition, TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin across the globe, overtaking USDT on Ethereum since April 2021. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica, which marks the first time a major public blockchain partnered with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. On top of the government’s endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominica’s global fanfare, seven existing TRON-based tokens – TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the country.

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