How to prepare for reopening after COVID

COVID seems like a never-ending nightmare that we’re finally seeing some semblance of light. For the hospitality industry, it’s been one of the most devastating hits that has been seen globally so it’s important that when premises start to open up, you’ve planned and prepared to get back to fully-functioning order as quickly as possible. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for reopening after COVID.

Perform A Deep Clean Of The Premises

A deep clean of the premises will be needed before you open your doors to cautious diners and customers in general. There will likely be a lot more scrutiny and observation when it comes to cleanliness, even after COVID is under control and is a distant memory for most. 

It’s worth getting professional cleaners in with the right cleaning equipment to properly sanitize all surfaces and furniture that is going to be sat on or used to consume food.

The last thing you want is to be caught out for not cleaning the property enough and someone getting ill within the first few days of you opening.

Continue To Offer Socially-Distanced Options

Life won’t go back to normality, even after COVID has been handled. It’s likely that we’ll all have more of a cautious approach to hygiene and socially-distanced options will likely need to be in place for a while after things open up. 

These options are not only to help contain the spread but to also offer some peace of mind to those who might still be worried about contracting it or wanting to keep their distance until a safer point down the line.

Offer Incentives For Customers

Incentives are a great way of encouraging customers to come through your doors or to perhaps use your food service ordering online. 

It could be that you offer them a discount for ordering food or dining in for the first time after COVID to freebies every now and then during times where you might have a dip in customers. They show the customers that you’re willing to do deals, even in light of the recent pandemic.

Do Further Marketing & Advertising 

Further marketing and advertising is going to be needed to get the word out there that you’re open and ready to accept business. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get back to the norm that we were at originally. 

There will be those that will be out the door as soon as things open up again properly, but others may need a bit more encouragement on your party. 

Make sure you’ve announced the reopening on all your social media channels and anywhere locally that will shout your business’s name from the rooftops. Use any data in regards to email marketing to let people know when you’ll be open and hopefully you’ll see people coming in or ordering straight away.

Preparing for a reopening after COVID is a daunting but exciting task. Make sure to use these tips to help ensure your reopening is a success.