MyMathLab – Going back to school

Going back to school for the year is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for most students, and with the cost of materials and books that you need for your classes, there is quite a bit to stress about. With many college students feeling the burden of costly materials for each new school year, some companies are creating alternative options for students to purchase.

Textbooks are pricey, and professors and educators know that traditional textbooks don’t work for every student. Also, some students need some extra help outside of the classroom for them to understand the material. This is where MyMathLab comes in. 

This product was made to help college math students get personalized instruction with homework and studying and creating an easier way for professors to monitor their progress. 

So, what exactly is this educational tool? 

What is MyMathLab? 

Created by the Pearson Media Company, this interactive learning experience gives students individualized instruction for different mathematics courses.  From basic math to statistics, students can learn at their own pace and get more help from online tools. 

Students can do activities and finish math problems that allow them to monitor their own progress and see their improvements, or areas where they may need some extra help. 

With features that can also make the professor’s job a little more manageable, this tool can help educators lessen their workload and enable them to easily track their student’s progress throughout the course. 

Why MyMathLab? 

There are different options on the market that do similar things to MyMathLab, so why is this specific educational tool becoming such a huge part of the education field? Well, there is one major thing that this program is so popular:

It is Better for Educators and Students 

This type of program is typically used for college courses, but can be used by other age groups, and is popular for the ease of use for the educators as much as it is for their students. Educators can now have all the assignments, chapter quizzes, and tests in one place for easy access to all materials at once. 

This also means that the students will have access to all their course materials for review throughout the course and can look back at their work whenever they need to. 

Checking Progress 

Without the use of MyMathLab, teachers would have to look up the grades from all different assignments to figure out where a student stands in the class. With this program, they can see all the assignments and grades at once and determine if a student is understanding the material as they should. If they see a problem, they can address it early and get their student back on track. 

Students who find that they continually have trouble in one area can practice those skills to improve their grades. This makes it easier to stay on top of things and ensure that no assignments are missed or turned in late.


Whether a teacher likes to plan their own lessons, or they follow a strict lesson plan laid out for them, they can choose whatever custom lessons they need. With the ability to use their own materials, or to use what is available to them through this tool, MyMathLab gives them the opportunity to make the perfect lesson plan for their class.