My Success Pros Shares: What’s Holding Your Digital Marketing Strategy Back

My Success Pros Shares: What's Holding Your Digital Marketing Strategy Back

Digital marketing is an ever-growing part of our digital world. Having a solid digital marketing strategy is absolutely crucial for businesses that wish to succeed.

With that being said, not many businesses have a modern digital marketing strategy. They make many mistakes that stop them from reaching their true potential.

But what are these mistakes, how can businesses spot them, and what can they do to fix those mistakes? We sat down and interviewed the experts at My Success Pros in order to answer these questions.

My Success Pros are digital marketing experts who have helped countless businesses overhaul their digital marketing strategy and propel themselves to the top of their markets.

Do you think most businesses are targeting the correct social media platforms?

My Success Pros: Yes and no. We think there are some prominent big players, like Facebook, that most businesses use. However, we’ve noticed that many businesses we help do not have a Twitter account or don’t actually use that account.

They’ve never heard of discord; they don’t know how TikTok could help them, things like that. We believe that businesses should be on as many platforms as they can manage, but sometimes you need to choose the correct places for your energy.

How can businesses choose which platform to focus on? Whichever is the most popular?

My Success Pros: Well, it’s about business, not views, right. So no, not whichever is more popular per se, but whichever is more popular with their market.

Not many older people use TikTok, so if you have a product or service that is meant for an older generation, that’s not the place to advertise. So there is some nuance, but it becomes easier if you sit down and think about these things.

Is it just about the platforms, or does how you use them play a part?

My Success Pros: Yeah, of course, it matters how you use them. Customers respond to things differently, and they’re becoming more privy to certain techniques.

So you don’t want to get on Twitter and only post the exact same things you posted on Facebook, yelling about your sales and products. You want to use different platforms differently, and you want to use them so that people will be tempted to purchase your product.

Do you find that any digital marketing strategies are being underutilized?

My Success Pros: There are simple strategies to level up your digital marketing. For example, we rarely see small businesses taking advantage of influencer marketing. I find this to be the biggest mistake a small business could make.

We can’t emphasize the advantages of this strategy enough. The ROI is one of the highest of any strategy, it gains eyes on your product, and it’s very cheap.

We actually expect influencer and affiliate marketing to boom in the next couple of years and become much more systematic. So please take advantage of it while you can.

So, a business uses its marketing strategy to bring customers to its website. Are there any common mistakes you see on many websites?

My Success Pros: Absolutely, we work with so many businesses with out-of-date websites. So many customers will be visiting your site through their mobile devices, so it has to work and look fantastic on mobile phones.

That’s actually the first place we usually start. If your website doesn’t offer a great experience for every customer, then you’re going to miss out on so much business.