Mint Mobile: What phone to buy?

While you can always bring your current phone to your Mint plan with you, they offer phones for sale as well. You can buy the phone out right or finance it through Affirm and pay a payment on it each month. 

They offer various prices, brands, memory capacities, conditions, and colors. You can search through the phones alphabetically or by price. They offer over 40+ phones on their website ranging from a ZTE Avid 4 all the way to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Once, they offered 3 months of 8GB service for free if you bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max or just Pro. 

You can also find Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy notes, and older model iPhones. They offer the phones in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You could even get a purple Apple iPhone 11 with 256GB of memory!

You can click on each phone to customize it and learn more about it. It will tell you all about the phone in the description and you can even buy more than one. There are still options for you if you want to bring your phone, you just have to make sure it’s compatible. 

Go to the keypad on your phone and type *#06# to find what is called an IMEI number. You can take this number over to the MintMobile website and search the 15 – 17-digit code.  You have to make sure that your phone is unlocked. If you are currently using a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go service, then it is probably already unlocked. If not, you may need to call your current service provider. They are legally obligated to unlock your phone for free. 

If you are currently making payments on your phone, then you cannot switch coverages. You have to pay off the remaining balance of the phone before you can bring it over to Mint coverage. Once you know that your phone works you can go over to buy the mint mobile $5 starter kit. 

You can either keep the same number you have, or you can get a new one when you switch services. If you want to keep your own number, then you will need the account number from your current provider, the password, PIN, or code to your account, and the zip code that is associated with your account.

It will not cost you anything to keep your own number. If you want a new one, simply use the new SIM card. Make sure that you transfer your number at activation, not after. If you wait until after, then you cannot bring your same number. 

Once you’ve decided whether you want a new phone or to keep the one you have, buy your monthly coverage and refer a friend to earn the perks. Just like phones, there are a number of plans to choose from. 

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