Mint Mobile: Refer a friend program

Once you decide you love Mint mobile, check out their awesome refer a friend program. What does that mean for its users? Well, the more people that you refer, the more of a credit you get towards your next service plan! 

When you sign up for Mint Mobile you get assigned a special referral code. This referral code can be used when people sign up to give you a credit. After your first referral signs up for Mint mobile, you will get a $25 credit (that could be a month free!). The second referral pays $30 and the third referral pays $35. You can earn $40 with a fourth referral and finally $110 on your free referral. So, 5 referrals can pay you $240, which pays for a whole year of unlimited talk and text, with 8GB of 4G LTE coverage a month!

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Not only do you make money when your friends sign up, they make money too! When they sign up with your referral code, they have a $15 credit as well! Then they can start making money on their own! You can both find your referral code under “account management” on their free app. You share the code with family, friends, social media, e-mail, etc. 

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Once you both start your referral process, you will each get the credit in 15 days. Day one will be the day that your friend uses your code, buys a plan, and then activates it. If (for some reason) they cancel before the 15 days, then you won’t receive the credit. It will be used to automatically credit your next renewal. You can go through the ladder of referral twice, meaning that you will only receive credit for ten people in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31). But hey, that’s $480 a year. 

If your renewal does not cost as much as you have in credits, then it will be rolled over to the next renewal period. It will continue to build up until you use it all. If you reach a renewal period where you don’t have enough credit to cover your balance, then all you do is pay the difference. 

The renewals continue even after the end of a renewal period. For example, if you only get two referrals before you renew your coverage, the next referral you get will be #3. To track these referrals, you will get emails each time you refer someone, and they use your code. You will see the credit when it is applied to your Mint mobile account under “Transactional History”. 

You can buy your friend a $5 Mint mobile start up kit as a gift (and incentive) for them to sign up to Mint and earn you both a credit. Buy your Mint mobile starter kit online or in store at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, and Target. 

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