Meet the Man Behind Some of the Biggest Partnerships in the Luxury Industry

[The following is a short interview with the Global CEO of The Luxury Network International, H.E. Fares Ghattas. Interview conducted on September 19th, 2019.]

Collaboration with other brands in your industry can give you a massive advantage against your competitors, while simultaneously helping other brands in your industry get their own competitive advantage. The Luxury Network is an industry leading private membership club for luxury brands. In The Luxury Network, these luxury brands have the ability to partner with other luxury brands in order to facilitate joint marketing efforts wherein the brands get access to each others pre-qualified client databases, all under the umbrella of affinity marketing. We had the opportunity to ask Global CEO of The Luxury Network International, H.E. Fares Ghattas, a few questions about how the partnerships created through his private membership club have mutually benefited the brands involved.

If you’re not finding ways to create marketing partnerships with other brands in your industry, you could be giving up a massive ROI. Check out the interview below to see how you can begin partnering with other brands in your industry to create mutually beneficial marketing arrangements, growing both your brand and other brands at exponential rates.


How did you get your start in the luxury industry?

I started in the real estate industry brokerage and sales of high end luxury villas and apartments in Dubai and Qatar.

At The Luxury Network, you help connect luxury brands so that they can work towards mutual business developments. What is the process of bringing these brands together?

Luxury brands in different industries usually have the same target clients. Our goal is to create new business partnerships between luxury brands and facilitate their joint marketing activities under the umbrella of affinity marketing, providing direct access to each other’s pre-qualified, high net worth private clients.

What is it about The Luxury Network that sets it apart from all other networks in the industry?

The Luxury Network is the world’s first and leading private membership club for luxury brands, established in luxury capitals or countries around the world, within which premium companies work closely together at senior director level for mutual business and client development. Our track records and client relationships have proven continued success for more than a decade. Our members receive a comprehensive programme of new pre-planned professional business development activities and events to maximise their relationships with other luxury brands.

What about the B2B Marketing Expo are you most excited for?

I am looking forward to hearing new fresh ideas that inspire and to learn about new tools in marketing and build exciting new relationships with marketers, brands and potential new partners. 

It is also always great to be in a community of like minded marketers.

You’re going to be giving a speaking seminar at the B2B Marketing Expo. Can you give us a little preview of what our attendees can expect to hear from you?

I will be speaking about the collaborative effort between high-end brands which expands market awareness, outreach, and brand prestige, by leveraging each partner’s database of pre-qualified, affluent, and high-net-worth consumers, focusing on developing strategic alliances between complementary luxury brands and businesses mainly through experiential events.



The B2B Marketing Expo is taking place October the 2nd & 3rd at the LA Convention Center, where industry leaders from the likes of Heinz Marketing, The Wall Street Journal, Google, Microsoft, PWC, and many more will deliver their speaking seminars. H.E. Fares Ghatas is among one of them, delivering his speaker session titled: Luxury Affinity Marketing. The session will be taking place in Theater 5, Wednesday at 4:15PM.

To learn more about the B2B Marketing Expo, be sure to check out the official B2B Marketing Expo website at and register for your free ticket to the big event by clicking HERE. If you’re interested in seeing what The Luxury Network International is all about, you can check them out at

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