Making the Most of Working From Home

Are you struggling to make the most of your time working from home, and the days seem to be blending together? You’re not alone.

According to a Martec Group survey, only 16 percent of employees reported enjoying working from home. The rest are “discouraged” employees who dislike it.

Even if you’ve found a way to be consistently productive, it can be difficult finding ways to break up your time. These tips for working remotely will not only help you reduce stress, but they’ll also remind you that you’re in control of your day.   

Read on to learn all about how to make working from home better!  

Focus On You

When it’s time to plan out your schedule for the day, focus on making it work for you. Pay attention to your productivity and motivation throughout the day. It’s natural to have certain times of the day when we feel most productive and alert, times of the day when we’re completely drained, and other times when we’re able to complete chores but not more demanding mental tasks. 

Create Routines

Regardless of how early you wake up or how late you go to bed, everyone should structure morning and evening routines. When we’re working for home, it’s easy and understandable to start skipping our normal routines. However, routines can provide a number of benefits that we take for granted, such as: 

  • Helping you sleep better
  • Morning alertness
  • Reduced stress
  • Making decision-making easier
  • Sense of purpose
  • More time for recreational activities 

Remember that your routine can be as simple as waking up, making your bed, and brushing your teeth. Start with a simple routine so that you’re not overwhelmed. 

Get Some Sunshine

Working eight hours a day in a fluorescent office can make us forget the importance of sunshine. However, now that we’re working from home we can take advantage. Natural light can greatly impact our mood as well as our circadian rhythms, so plan a time in the morning when you can go outside and get some fresh air.

Open curtains or blinds, or plan a quick exercise session outside if you have the time. 

Don’t Forget Your Commute

If you normally had a long commute to your office, use that to your advantage now that you’re working from home and plan it into your schedule. You can use your commute time for free, unstructured time that you can use pursuing a new hobby such as learning about astrophotography equipment, taking a nap, or going on a bike ride. 

Working From Home Tips to Keep You Sane

When it comes to learning tips for working from home, it’s important to remember to make your schedule work for you. The new flexibility comes with a lot of advantages. Save room in your schedule for frequent breaks and remember that you can utilize your normal commuting time for new hobbies or activities.

Moreover, you can make your space your own by decorating it in any way you see fit. Let in lots of natural light if possible and hang up photos and pictures that make you feel happy. 

Want to learn more working from home tips? Keep reading our blog for more informative content!