Jeunesse Global: Helping Consumers to Maintain their Youth

From the copper that ancient Egyptians used in creating some of the world’s first cosmetics to the advanced products used today to smooth complexions in addition to hiding imperfections, makeup has become an integral part of humankind over the years. Women would use burnt matches in darkening their eyes and berries in staining their lips. Some of them swallowed oxblood to improve their complexions. Throughout history, women have exposed themselves to health hazards with some of their homemade cosmetics. 

People have since come a long way from the days of applying toxic substances on their faces to enhance their looks. Younger consumers of ages between 20 and 25 are the driving forces behind the growth of the makeup industry. There are multiple products that manufacturers are introducing into the industry to help women in taking care of their beauty. One such brand of products is Jeunesse Global, which develops and distributes skincare products coupled with supplements across the world. The company offers Luminesce, a major skin care product brand that works by restoring a user’s youthful look and radiance to the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles while nourishing the skin. Jeunesse Global LLC offers its clients additional products to use. They include: 


Reserve is a special blend of superfruits that have a range of antioxidants designed to work as a defense mechanism against radical damage. The product bursts with flavor to offer a tasty supplement to your diet with the initial support needed for body health and general wellness. Reserve is sweetened by nature. Its delicious taste has no added sugars or artificial flavors. The product is sweet and succulent coupled with a heart-shaped fruit that was cultivated in the world. 


Finiti has a unique blend of healthy ingredients. It is also Jeunesse’s most advanced product. It has a proprietary blend of fruits as well as vegetable extracts. A bottle has 60 tablets. Besides, it has no additives or color preservatives, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or wheat and soy. 

Zen Body 

Zen Prime is a health supplement that sets a viable standard for cleaning the body. The product has milk thistle, grape seed extracts, and juniper berry. The ingredients mentioned have often been used in herbal medicine. They are valued for their ability to cleanse the cells. 

AM / PM Essentials 

This is an essential daytime formula that has necessary vitamins as well as important minerals. It also has a restorative night-time formula with key nutrients that have proprietary blends. Besides, it has powerful vitamins, extracts, in addition to antioxidants to assist in protecting the user’s cells from any free radical damage. Other than that, AM/PM essentials support cellular DNA repair in addition to helping cells to function correctly. 


Revitablu has been made by a pioneer stem cell research. It’s a blend of algae coupled with sea buckthorn berry and coconut water. The refreshing drink has a great taste and highly sought-after ingredients in their purest forms. The product has a combined formula of Revitablu that’s effective in hydrating and supporting a body’s system. 

Instant Ageless 

Instant Ageless is an anti-aging product that diminishes noticeable signs of aging by tightening and smoothening the skin’s appearance. It works within a few minutes by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores. Science meets beauty at this juncture. The product is easy to carry. 


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