Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs Urges the Proper Disposal of Old Bulbs

At some point in every person‘s life, they are taught the importance of properly disposing light bulbs. It might not seem like that big of a deal when a person is younger, but it can make all the difference in the world to have a better-looking place for everyone to enjoy.


Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs, one of the top lightbulbs selling companies in the entire world, is urging people to dispose of old bulbs the right way. Why does it make a difference? Here are a few reasons why they are so behind this cause.


It protects the environment


The glass that is used for lightbulbs can significantly cut down water pollution if it is recycled correctly. That’s good news for everyone, because what’s inside a lightbulb is not exactly that useful. It contains toxic materials that could cause issues, especially if too much mercury is in one area. One of the best investments you can spend for your home is buying energy saving bulbs, it will not only dramatically reduce your energy bill but it’s great for the environment as well.


It’s the law


Not a lot of people know that proper disposal of certain lightbulbs is a law. It’s considered a hazardous waste, and that means a person needs to be very careful with how they throw it away. If a person decides to ignore any disposal regulations in the area, they could face fines.


It’s safer


Putting a light bulb in the regular trash is a pretty dangerous thing to do for a lot of people. Not only is there a chance of getting exposed to mercury, but it’s pretty easy for a lightbulb to break or shatter in the trash as well. When a person throwing away a bag, that broken glass could cause a cut.


It’s just safer to probably take care of lightbulbs the right way. Nobody wants to be coming back from the trash with a cut on her hand because of an old lightbulb.


Areas offer free recycling options


Some people don’t put in the extra effort to recycle and dispose of lightbulbs properly because they feel like it is too much of a hassle. There has been a lot of work in the last few years to make sure that this is no longer the case. It’s free and easy to properly dispose of these lightbulbs, and that’s good for everyone involved.


Not only do a lot of trash companies offer the service, but a person can recycle used or broken lightbulbs at a lot of different stores as well. Walmart is just one example of a major chain that offers recycling services. Another thing that would help is choosing the right light bulb for every room in your home, it will dramatically save you money with always trying to replace bulbs every now and then.


What to do after a recycling


Companies like Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs don’t offer recycling services for people right now, simply because it would be impossible for an online company to do that for everyone. However, they offer all sorts of tips on safety and proper disposal online.

It can sometimes come down to each type of light bulb as well. The company offers information for people who might not know what to expect out of a purchase online. That makes everyone more comfortable when it’s time for that one to go. Visit their website at more details.