Instagram Marketing Can be Vital for Entrepreneurs

How much do you think average entrepreneurs know about Instagram?

Chances are that they are familiar with the social network, and they will more than likely remember its billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook a few years ago. Given the popularity of Instagram, there is also a pretty good chance of entrepreneurs using the network for personal communications and entertainment, but not many of them use it for marketing.

It is easy to understand why entrepreneurs do not flock to Instagram for the purpose of marketing their projects or conducting business promotion campaigns. Planning and executing a comprehensive Instagram marketing campaign takes time, and this is something that many entrepreneurs find themselves to be short on. Learning all the network features and the various Instagram settings conducive to a marketing campaign can take considerable time, but it would certainly be time well-spent.

We already know that Instagram is perfect in terms of e-commerce

In fact, parent company Facebook is betting big on the network’s new Instagram Shops feature. This alone should be a good reason for entrepreneurs to take advantage of Instagram, and they do not even have to manage the account themselves because they can always hire a social media coordinator, but what about using Instagram as a platform for individual branding?

It so happens that Instagram can be perfect for entrepreneurs who want audiences to get to know them for who they really are. If you are passionate about taking on challenging business projects that culminate in one successful and profitable company after another, you can share your philosophy and methodology on Instagram. The reasons for you to do this can range from attracting prospective investors or partners to simply letting the world know that your success is worth sharing.

Some industries are more “Instagram-worthy” than others.

Fashion, sporting goods, and entertainment, for example, are dominant on the network. Even if your business endeavors are within these sectors, you can still promote your individual brand on Instagram. Take a look at these Instagram posts in the profile of a South African entrepreneur and philanthropist; notice how many of them are covers of books he is reading or digital video series he is following on streaming networks. This gives you an idea of his mindset, and they can be considered to be casual as well as informative. At any rate, they are great conversation starters, and they could very well result in new contacts that could be valuable in the future.

Another new aspect of Instagram that is important to keep in mind for 2021 is that the network’s Reels and Stories features are being improved. Even if you do not have a significant following that will make your Instagram video content go viral, you can still team up with influencers who can mention your projects or even invite you to join them in their stories. You do not even have to be in the same place with the Instagram user who is recording video content; this can be prerecorded and sent over to the influencer so that it can be incorporated into the post.