Identify and Grow your Target Audience with These Simple Steps.

Many of us swear by the saying that goes, You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Well, most of the time, it is true though the marketing people don’t think so! As marketing professionals, we believe in having enough tools to make the horse drink water and instruct the path. So, it keeps coming back for more.

There is no specific place for you to find the right audience. They are scattered everywhere on different digital and non-digital mediums. Did you know? 85% of the audience love to have the brand experience in digital as well as non-digital means. 68% are more likely to spend that extra dollar when the brand makes them feel individual and valued!

Here are some tips to know your audience and how to nurture them,

Find your Doppelganger

Running a business, you already know your audience well. What is the age group? Which region do most of them come from? How do they react to your content? This data is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a new list of consumers.

You see, most of the new customers are mirror images of the existing ones. You need to understand the current ones well enough to chase the new ones in the right direction. Use data to segment the consumers as per interests, age, region etc and pursue them!

Drop an Email

Who doesn’t love window shopping? It gives you the same excitement of buying without actually having to purchase anything. However, it is not something a marketer would prefer. We would rather want you to make at least one purchase. Many buyers come to the payment page and then close the tab for whatever reason.

Find such leads and their contact email address to drop emails in their inbox with exciting newsletters and offers. But, how to find people’s email addresses? The answer is easy, This AI-powered website can let you access hundreds of emails in just a matter of minutes. It also comes with a chrome extension to the Linkedin account so, finding email contacts of the profiles is easy.

Leverage Social Media

Do you know? 48% of the world’s population uses social media and spends an average of 2.5 hours browsing and messaging. It gives you a good insight into how to leverage social media to keep your audience engaged. Consider influencer marketing as it helps to build trust amongst the audience.

54% of browsers use social media to research the product they want to purchase. Business owners of small businesses don’t have to worry about hiring a social media manager. Instead, create a gripping post on your own and share your expertise. You might also want to learn about using User Generated Content in the right way so that people stay interested in your brand.


While the above points are crucial, you should also consider creating an omnichannel marketing strategy as it has a 90% higher retention rate. Regardless of which marketing strategy you use, being persistent will bring you a larger audience.