How You Can Grow Your Freelance Writing Business Over the Next Year

The number of people that used freelance writing to help survive a job loss during the pandemic is likely higher than one would imagine. People with stable jobs lost them while others retained their job that transitioned to a remote role. Freelance writing can be an immensely rewarding way to earn as productive writers do well financially. Growing your freelance writing business should be your ultimate goal while keeping your client retention nearly perfect. Setting goals over the course of the year is important as staying motivated while doing well financially can be a challenge for some. The following are tips that will help you grow your freelance writing business over the next year. 

Increase Pricing For New Clients 

You might have clients that you have worked with for years that give you consistent work that you do not want to change your pricing for. Some of these clients might increase the rate they pay you if you ask. Others might feel like you are trying to renegotiate a deal that has been working well for years. New clients should be introduced to your new pricing so you can do the same amount of work while getting paid more. Take a look at other writers on platforms like Upwork to see how much they are charging for content of similar quality to your own.

Create The Perfect Home Office 

Putting in long hours is a part of the freelance life if you want to maximize your income. You want to be as productive as possible during the hours that you are working. Your home office can make it possible for you to achieve a work-life balance as your office should be reserved for work. Not all freelancers have an extra room especially if they have a family. A shed or detached garage with electricity can be the perfect home office that leaves you free of distractions. Whether you are looking for sheds delivered to Durham or Raleigh, you need to make sure you understand the specifications of the shed you are buying. 

Ask Current Clients For More Work If Possible 

Current clients that you have can be your best resource for additional work. A client that understands your quality of work will likely give you extra work if they have it. Others might refer you to a former colleague that needs content creation. Referrals from current clients need to be taken seriously and you need to deliver quality work as you could lose the client that referred you if you perform poorly. Reaching out to former colleagues and clients to inquire about writing they need done is also important. Some might be unwilling to do this but freelancing takes hard work and leveraging relationships that you have built.


Growing your freelance writing business can be accomplished by making this a focus. Freelancing can offer professional freedom that you could have only imagined in the past.