How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

The importance of cybersecurity for businesses is only continuing to grow as cybercriminals innovate and find new methods to infiltrate businesses. With the ever-increasing number of cyber threats and the introduction of ransomware, it is becoming more important than ever that businesses put safeguards in place for their infrastructure. Here is how you can keep your company safe from cyber threats.


How to keep your company safe from cyber threats


Secure Your Business Databases and Networks


The first thing you have to do when you establish a business to protect it from cyber-attacks is secure its networks and databases. Establish a strong password system that is strong enough. Also, ensure you change the passwords often, mainly after three months.


Besides passwords, you can also use firewalls, which will block malicious network access. Encrypt all your sensitive data and prevent hackers from accessing your business information. If need be, ensure that you back up all your data to prevent data loss in data breach instances.


Educate Your Employees


Besides installing security measures on your business data, you must educate employees about data safety and the importance of protecting business information. Remember, they play a major role in protecting your business from cyber-attacks.


In most companies, it only takes a single employee to fall prey to a phishing email and malware and put your whole business at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to educate them about cybersecurity and the best practices to prevent malicious attacks through links and emails.


Training them to identify real antivirus and genuine notifications is key, too. Let them know that your business has a policy for installing antiviruses and how to remove them in case of attacks. This includes updating the security software.


How to stay safe online


Stay away from using public wireless networks.


If your employees work remotely using the company’s laptops, caution them against using public wireless networks. Once one or a few employees send private business documents or your accountant tries to log into the business account, they pose a danger to cyber-attacks. It is wise if they stick to their home or office network. If they really must use a public network, ensure they have a strong VPN, allowing them to connect securely to the public network.


Store Data Safely


Store your data in the cloud, which encrypts it from online attacks. This way, you can open your business files safely for your customers and employees. Some common cloud spaces where you can store your data include Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Tips and tricks to being smart online


Patch Your Business Systems


Patch all your new business apps because most new apps open doors to cyber-attacks. Also, remember to update them regularly. When you buy new laptops for your business, ensure that you check the updates they come with to keep away security updates from software vendors that may harm your data online.


Ensure That your Business Online Defenses Are Working as Expected


For your business to stand smart on online defenses, you have to start by removing all duplicate information from your websites, including your company name. You can also utilize software to help monitor your online reputation profiles and encrypt all your business data.