How to Optimize Your Cognitive Abilities for Your Best Work

Looking at ways to optimize your cognitive abilities for your best work is a worthwhile goal for many people. You can become much more productive at work and feel much better by taking the time to look at ways to improve your cognitive abilities. Ultimately, you can improve your cognitive function in a variety of ways by following a few simple tips.

#1 Drink Coffee with L-Theanine

One way to improve your cognitive functions is to drink coffee with L-theanine. Coffee is a stimulant, while L-theanine is an amino acid that can boost cognition while also reducing stress and anxiety. Studies show that the combination of these substances creates a hyper-focused state while helping you to stay calm and avoid the common jitters associated with drinking coffee. Using L-theanine with your coffee sparingly for the best results.

#2 Practice Intermittent Fasting

Another way you can boost your cognitive abilities is to practice intermittent fasting on a periodic basis. Not eating for 16 hours allows your body to undergo a “cleansing” phase, as it utilizes the human growth hormone (HGH) to repair areas of your body. HGH plays a key role in improving neural processing, which stimulates your memory and improves the efficiency of processing thoughts.

#3 Focus on Improving Quality of Sleep

Obtaining quality sleep each night is an important process in helping you function throughout the day. Looking at ways to improve your quality of sleep is a great way to boost your cognitive ability. Investing in a natural latex hybrid mattress is an excellent way to enhance your quality of sleep, which ultimately improves your cognitive functions.

Finding ways to improve your cognitive abilities for your best work is essential. Drinking coffee with L-theanine, practicing intermittent fasting, and improving the quality of your sleep with a natural latex hybrid mattress can all play a key role in enhancing your cognitive abilities.