How To Improve Your Style This Fall With Gucci And The RealReal

When you want to look good in the fall, you must plan for light wind and cold weather throughout this season and the winter. Your fall wardrobe can be very versatile because it can include a lot of the things you already wear. However, there are new trends from Gucci and The RealReal that you will want to try this year. There are four unique style trends listed below that will help you get through the fall comfortably.

Silk Work Shirts

The work shirt is a great option for women around the world no matter what their job. However, you are dressing in layers in the fall that do not allow for a heavy work shirt like you would wear in the spring or summer with the sleeves rolled up. Because of this, the silk work shirt is a perfect option for you when you get dressed for work. Put a light t-shirt under this shirt, roll the sleeves, and through on your leather jacket or trench coat before going to work. You can tuck the shirt just a bit if you are wearing slacks, or you could let the short fall over your skirt.

Leather Trim

A leather trimmed dress from Gucci is a good place to start when you want to experiment with leather in your fall wardrobe. You could get leather trim on your slacks, on a work shirt, or on a dress. There are leather trimmed shoes that feature a fabric design, and you could even get a leather trimmed bag that has a fabric logo on it. When you are using leather trim to enliven your wardrobe, you can use these pieces when it is not too cold outside. Through some layers over these clothes if it gets really cold, and remember that the leather trim should be the pop of color you need.

A Designer Belt To Cinch Your Dresses

When you are using a belt to cinch your dress, you need to get a belt that truly worthy of its place in your wardrobe. A cheap belt that has no style is not worth your time or money. However, a designer belt from The RealReal that has the designer’s log on the buckle will make all the difference in the world. Yes, you are showing off your figure by cinching the dress to the right size, but you are also showing off your style with that buckle. When you do this, you will get multiple compliments on how you look, the dress, and the belt.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a good thing to wear in the fall if you do not want to wear something that is too heavy or too warm. However, you can improve your style if you are wearing Gucci ankle boots that have a wedge heel. You have combined summer fashion with fall styling, and you can wear these boots into he early spring when it is still cold in the morning. Ankle boots could be made from leather, but a pair of suede boots will catch the attention of everyone you pass during the day.


There are a few things listed above that will change your fall wardrobe, and you should consider how they can be used with the fall clothes you already own. There are a few ways to mix and match your clothes, and you can wear these clothes into the spring in some cases. You must buy clothes that are functional and fun, and you should not be afraid to experiment with things like leather trim, ankle wedge boots, designer belts, and silken work shirts.

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