Holistic Remedies for Headaches to Try

Headaches can range from being mildly uncomfortable to you lying in bed with the curtains drawn, but no matter what, they are an unpleasant thing to experience. If you are someone who does suffer from more severe headaches, speaking to your doctor about possible causes and treatments is essential. However, if you are someone who is looking for remedies for milder headaches, then you might want to consider the following alternatives to the usual over-the-counter pain relief for a more holistic approach.

1.   Hydrate

One of the simplest and most frequent causes of headaches is dehydration, so drinking a tall glass of water can often be the best first step when you feel a headache coming on. To help reduce the chances of developing headaches, carrying a bottle of water with you throughout the day can be beneficial, or at least make sure that you are taking regular breaks to get a glass of water in the office breakroom or from a water cooler.

2.   Open a Window/Get Outside

If water isn’t enough to keep your headache at bay, you may also want to try getting some fresh air. If a room doesn’t have adequate air circulation, it can make you feel lethargic and sometimes cause headaches, particularly on warmer days. You can open a window to let some fresh air into the room/office or take a ten-minute break to sit outside if this is more suitable.

3.   Try CBD Oil

People choose CBD products as a holistic remedy for numerous things, such as anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, and aches and pains. While everyone’s experience will vary with CBD, this could be a good solution for you if you are looking for a different method of pain relief than your typical medications. Look at this list of top CBD oil brands to get an idea of what is on offer and to learn more about whether or not this would be a good fit for you.

4.   Use a Cold Compress

You may be able to find relief from a headache by simply applying a cold compress to your forehead or the area where the pain is coming from. You may have to lie down for 15-to-20 minutes to get the full effect, so this may not be ideal if you are at work. However, a cold compress can help to alleviate the pain from your headaches by decreasing inflammation and constricting the blood vessels.

5.   Get Some Sleep

Another reason why you might be experiencing headaches is because of a lack of sleep. If you are at home and are starting to feel uncomfortable, taking a short nap could result in you waking up headache free. You should also try to make sure that you’re not burning the candle at both ends and are in a good sleep cycle to stop this from happening more frequently.

If you are looking for holistic remedies for mild headaches, consider the suggestions above and see which ones work for you.