HiLife Vitamins: Advancing With Trends In Fitness And Nutrition [2020 Guide]

Those jumping into the supplement industry for the first time never complain about a lack of options. Simply put, there are probably too many options in many categories, and it can feel overwhelming at times define the perfect fit.

On HiLife Vitamins, they offer thousands of supplements from dozens of top brands that’s why HiLife Vitamins got an A+ Rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau). Options are great, but some people simply want the most popular products currently trending. For five very common issues a person takes supplements in the first place, there is one trending product going into 2020 that stands out from the rest.

General allergy

Aller-Max by Country Life

At certain times of the year, people face some tough allergies daily. It can seem like there is no help in sight at times, but this supplement works for a lot of people.

It combines quercetin, bromelain and Vitamin C to provide a simple, yet effective capsule that helps with many different allergies. Not only does it fight against nasal congestion and coughing, but inflammation as well.




Burdock Root by Nature’s Way

It’s common to get some type of prescription for asthma, but some people wouldn’t mind using a supplement to help out as well. A very effective, inexpensive option is Burdock Root from Nature’s Way.

The Burdock Root has been used for a lot of different remedies over the years, and some people have a lot of success with it overall. It combines with a few other natural ingredients to provide relief from the most nagging asthma issues. It’s so inexpensive that it’s without question worth a try to see if it helps in the slightest.


Blood pressure

 Olive Leaf Extract by Now Foods

There are different directions a person can go as far as blood pressure is concerned, as different supplements help in different ways. Olive leaf extract has been trending over the years, and with studies the date back to the 1800s, there is proof that it has helped millions of people.

The extract from this specific olive leaf is manufactured to maximize results as much as possible. With 6% Oleuropein, it’s as powerful as a person can find online.



Blood Sugar

 Vitamin D-3 5000 IU by Now Foods

The supplement above can help with blood sugar levels as well, and some people will say that is the best right now. Now Foods actually has another option that stands out, and that is Vitamin D-3 5000 IU.

This high potency supplement not only helps with blood sugar, but also with the immune system and bones. It’s especially recommended for anyone who is avoiding the sun for one reason or another. That is the main way people usually obtain this vitamin, but when people are indoors, other solutions must be used.


Cold and flu

Echinacea from Nature’s Way

Nothing is more frustrating than having a cold or flu like symptoms. It might seem pretty minor, but what if there is a way to turn things around in a hurry, or avoid issues altogether?

Echinacea from Nature’s Way helps in a lot of ways. This herb has been used for a long time, and when taken multiple times during the day, it has a great effect on a person’s overall life. They feel healthier throughout the immune system, and that helps prevent sick days from piling up.

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