Are Free Online Ordering Systems Worth It?


Free online ordering systems are readily available and may seem like a good option for your business. After all, why would you pay for something that you could get for free? However, sometimes these free systems are not of the best quality, and may harm your business more than they help.

Here are some of the things to consider when deciding upon an online ordering system to use.

Safety and Security

Although there are many advantages to open-source online ordering systems that are free to use and readily available, there are some significant drawbacks that should be considered as well. Some of those issues are safety and security, especially when handling sensitive customer data and large sums of money. 

Free online food ordering systems also don’t provide any technical support. This means you are completely on your own when it comes to issues with the system, including those relating to lost orders and lost data. You may also experience an unexpected chargeback from credit card transactions that could cost you thousands of dollars. 


Free online ordering systems for food were never designed as a commercial product; they were created quickly so businesses would have a platform to manage online orders.

As a result, most free systems are not designed for high-level commercial usage and may crash unexpectedly. These crashes are damaging to company revenue and reputation, as you battle to win back customer confidence. 

Furthermore, most of the free online ordering systems are not set up to work well with popular POS systems. This can make handling the sales more complicated and less streamlined, and instead of improving efficiency, they can cause disruptions and complications. 

The reality is that, in most cases, investing in a custom online ordering system will provide a better solution with better functionality. 


Whether it’s couples staying in to watch a movie or parents with little time to feed their hungry family, online food ordering is a fast and efficient way to eat. Free online ordering systems mean that customers get their order from the comfort of their homes, and don’t have to wait too long for it either. 

Although the system works well and delivers food warm and in good condition, it can still take some time for it to arrive. These longer wait times can be due to several factors such as traffic, weather, or the restaurant wait times.

Make sure the online ordering system is as efficient and customer-friendly as possible in order to avoid any additional delays.

Customer service

Delivering warm meals to customers in the comfort of their homes might sound like a recipe for excellent customer service. Services like restaurant online ordering are undoubtedly a good idea; however, it can be challenging to deliver perfect customer service if your online ordering system is poorly made or maintained.

Paying a little more for a custom and well-made online ordering system can ensure that your customers don’t get impatient with your ordering system and avoid your restaurant because of the frustration in ordering.