Finding an Online Real Estate Agent: What you Need to Know

We can do just about anything online these days, and it is possible to buy, sell or rent property via an online real estate agent, which is a much-preferred solution to visiting their offices, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping across the world. If you are looking for a tenant for your rental property, this should narrow down your search, as not all real estate agents offer this service, and if you begin with a Google search, this will bring up a long list of real estate agents that service your area.

Aspects to Look For

When browsing real estate agent websites, look for industry awards, of which there are many, both local and national. If an agent has won several awards, they must be doing something right, and this is a strong indicator of a premium service. If you are thinking ‘how can I sell my house in Moreton Bay?’. the following information would help you to judge an agent’s performance:

  • The number of properties sold or rented this year.
  • Current number of properties listed.
  • Average number of days until a unit is sold or rented.
  • Average unit sale price or monthly rental.

Many agents publish this information on their website, but you could always ask in the chat window that automatically pops up when you arrive at the site.

Transparent Pricing

This is ideal for both sellers and rentals, as you can budget correctly and know the cost, regardless of anything. Of course, online solutions make it easy to compare real estate agent commissions, so you can find out if the agent is competitive in just a few minutes. If you are thinking of getting into the rental property market, here are a few tips.

Online Client Reviews

It is comforting to read many positive comments made by buyers, sellers and rental property owners, and this is a very good indication of what to expect, should you decide to use the agent. Indeed, some agents belong to independent review organisations and are awarded stars as a guide to their performance and popularity. Any agent with 4.5 or higher would be very attractive, as they offer the best all-round service according to multiple variables, and as this is run by an independent organisation, you know the information is genuine.

Quick Response

Ideally, any enquiry would have an immediate response, and from the very first contact, you should have the feeling you are dealing with professional people who have your best interests at heart. A good agent would assign a member of staff to you, and all future communication would be through this person, who would keep you updated on a regular basis. Here is some official information about housing and property in Australia.

Using the Internet, you can source, compare and connect with real estate agents, and during the current Coronavirus pandemic, online solutions offer a safe way to put your property on the market. If you want a quick sale, ask a couple of agents to list the property, and they may be able to offer you advice on ways to make the property more attractive to a potential buyer or tenant.

Infographic provided by Master Movers, a residential moving company