Ensuring Your Cannabis Seeds are Good Quality

Although many websites help detail the different cannabis seeds available, some will want to extend their knowledge and become more familiar with seeds at a surface level.

Being able to identify seeds allows cultivators to ensure that they are purchasing the right type of seeds as well as identifying low-quality seeds.

There can be a lot to learn when handling seeds, so you should allow for some trial and error. However, the following information can help you become more accustomed to cannabis seeds and their traits.

Immature Cannabis Seeds

Immature cannabis seeds can create problems as they will struggle to germinate. More seasoned growers will know steps to contend with this but being able to spot immature seeds means that the additional work can be avoided.

Those growing their cannabis seeds can identify immature seeds by checking the colour of the shell, which will have a green and white appearance. There can be times when some seeds have a similar appearance to immature seeds but will still have differences that clarify as to whether they are mature or not.

Good-quality seeds will either be round or oval-shaped. In comparison, seeds of an irregular quality will often be misshaped.

Old Cannabis Seeds

Just as some cannabis seeds can be too immature, others may be too old. This can result in a more rigid shell which makes it difficult for water to penetrate the surface. 

In many instances, older cannabis seeds may not look any different from conventional seeds. Fortunately, a quick squeeze can ascertain as to how old the seed is, as it will feel weaker.

Much like immature cannabis seeds, there are some ways for growers to make use of old cannabis seeds, but this can be trickier and require some experience with cannabis growing.

Other Steps That Can Be Taken to Check the Viability of Cannabis Seeds

Despite there being visual signs of good-quality cannabis seeds, if you are still unsure, some additional methods can be used to ensure that your cannabis seeds are viable, or whether they should be set aside during the planting process.

Carry out a “Float” Test

Although a simple process, a float test can be one of the best ways to ensure that the seeds you are planning to use will germinate.  Simply place your seeds into water and should they sink within one to two hours, they will be suitable for sprouting, which means there is more potential for a successful crop.

When using this method, it is advisable to plant soon afterwards; otherwise, the moisture could lead to mould or decay, which will again affect the quality of the crop.

Check the Hardness and Durability

As well as carrying out a “squeeze” test, there are other signs that can show as to whether a seed is likely to germinate.

When investigating the cannabis seed, you should see a smooth surface that is free of cracks. In the event of seeds that are wrinkled and crumble when pressed, these need to be discarded before planting a crop.

Those that come become more proficient in cultivating cannabis will soon pick up ways to help bring new life to old seeds, but those wanting to purchase high-quality cannabis seeds Aussie will find that there are options available that can ensure you’re only purchasing high-quality seeds every time.

Keeping Cannabis Seeds in Good Condition

Although it is possible to purchase high-quality seeds if they are not stored in the right way, they can soon falter. Fortunately, keeping cannabis seeds intact is as easy as finding somewhere cool, dark and dry. This ensures that seeds can enjoy a shelf life of ten years without any issue.