Email Marketing Works like a Charm for CBD Marketing

CBD suppliers face many limitations with CBD marketing when it comes to promoting their products. The content you tried to promote through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram must have been removed. Alternatively, it can put you at some risk due to the strict policies that these platforms endorse. To avoid the risk of your CBD ad from being removed, it is best to use email marketing. Email marketing is when your content is being delivered to customers via email. 

Why Use Emails for CBD Advertising 

CBD companies are constantly looking for ways to market their products without conceding penalties from search engines. For example, CBD Google ads remain a murky territory with no clear indications of whether putting CBD ads on Google will be safe or not. Experts advise that you should avoid any direct mentions of your CBD products. But how can you attract customers to your products and sell when you can’t even mention them directly?

As for Facebook, the social networking giant continues to go back and forth on its CBD marketing policies. Twitter, Pinterest, and other major social networks do not allow CBD ads at all. As a result, it remains a pet peeve for marketers to know where to advertise CBD products. That’s where emails come in. 

They are safe and allow you to deliver your message to the customers on a personal level. You do not have to worry about penalties from Google. At the same time, you can promote your CBD products, CBD-related content, and much more in your emails. Let’s look at the best ways to use email marketing for advertising CBD products.


  • Obtain Emails through the email form


To have a handful of email addresses, you first need to get the addresses of interested buyers through forms. These forms can be put up on the official website. Emails can be asked through lead magnets and pop-ups also. Try to gather as much information as you can by placing extra fields on the form. It is best if you develop an automated process of getting emails delivered to subscribers as soon as they register.


  • Draft Welcome Email


To officially start off with email marketing, it is important to draft a proper welcome email which will be sent at once to customers once they have provided you with their email address. Welcome emails allow you to give a brief introduction to your business and the product. This helps you to establish good customer relations with your subscribers and helps you to establish your brand credibility.


  • Send Reminder Emails


If a loyal customer hasn’t brought a product in a long time or has been veer inactive on emails, send them a reminder email saying something like ‘’Come back, we miss you”. To win back, your customers mention discounts or coupons in your email. It is a plus point to get back to potential customers.

To wrap this all up, it is important to deploy creativity in your emails to make it a successful form of CBD marketing. These days, email marketing is the most effective way to get your content delivered to people who are more comfortable with using Emails as a mean of communication.