Domestic Removals – How to Make Moving with Kids Easy

Moving to a new home is a big life event, it isn’t something we experience on a regular basis. We often forget about things when planning a move, there is many factors to consider and sometimes important things get overlooked. Our kids can feel unsettled when moving home, it can be upsetting and difficult to deal with. If you’d like to make things easier on them, follow the points mentioned below.

Family Meeting: When you’ve made the decision to move home, call a family meeting to discuss what will happen. You should explain the situation well in advance, so your kids know what is going on and that aren’t being kept in the dark. To help with the transition, you can hire Sydney furniture removalists to make the entire process more convenient. Having a removal team in place, lets you focus on other aspects of the move, such as preparing your kids.

Stick to a Routine: When you upset the kids routine, moving home can get a lot more difficult. If you’re moving far away, your children will have to get used to losing their friends. All of these changes can be stressful. As you prepare for moving day, make sure you stick to a routine. Eat dinner at the same time, stick to family traditions and go to bed as normal. This helps them forget about relocating to a new place.

Declutter Before Packing: Help your kids get rid of anything they don’t need before you start putting items into boxes. Moving presents an opportunity to declutter, giving you the chance to get rid of unwanted items that don’t belong in your new home. If you’ve young kids, you can make a game of it. If they find it fun, they are more inclined to get involved and not complain when you throw out some of their old toys or clothes.

Get Kids Involved: It is always a good idea to get them involved with packing. You can purchase stickers and colourful markers to help label boxes. Once the kids have helped you pack their belongings, you can let them have some fun and doodle on the boxes. This gives them an incentive to help out, if they do it right, they get the chance to draw funny or colourful pictures on their boxes.

Moving Day: Before the movers arrive, it is a good idea to put young kids in a day care centre or give them to relatives for the day. Moving day can be stressful and children get bored when sitting around the house. If you’ve no options but to keep them there, make sure you bring games, toys and mobile devices to keep them entertained.

Once you’ve transitioned into your new place, try to make it feel like home. Keep one box aside which contains all the stuff you’ll need for the next few days. This box should include kids toys and other items to keep them entertained. You can also make the first night exciting by setting up a play area (camping theme) where everyone sleeps.